Liverpool: a city where we work hard and play harder.

Last year Liverpool was crowned the most entrepreneurial city, the friendliest place to work and it has now been discovered Liverpool beats London as the top UK city to find a job. Yes, in terms of cost of living and doing business, Liverpool wins against the capital. New research shows that the northern city may also lead the way for jobs on offer this year.


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Data based on the average number of job listings in 2016 from from CV-Library shows that London is the third best city to find work in the UK now, behind Liverpool and Edinburgh. Overall, the number of available jobs in the UK has increased across ten key cities.The top UK cities for job hunters in 2017.


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Liverpool vs London

Liverpool is historically the culture capital of the North. Divided into four key districts: the traditional, the commercial, the waterfront and the creative quarter, the city has been one of the fastest growing environments for technology start-ups; augmented reality in particular. Places like The Baltic Triangle and North Docks have provided cheap rent to start-ups and have become creative hubs in their own right feeding off the osmosis of creativity. A two-hour express train journey from London connects Liverpool to the bulk of the investor community, and the Liverpool John Lennon Airport in the outer limits of the city keeps Liverpudlians connected to international hubs. Cost of living and the popularity of the university’s has allowed the city to mould a generation of eager and educated students who have a plethora of businesses to gain experience from.


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Liverpool: where entrepreneurs flourish

A city famous for its buildings and people is now putting local business on the map. Liverpool is   renowned for its start-up accelerators supporting early-age digital start ups. The UK’s largest regional cities, are nearly twice as likely than London to have produced an entrepreneur over the past 24 months, according to research derived from Companies House Data by international office space broker, Instant Offices.

Instant Offices has mapped out the UK’s start-up landscape over the last two years and compared it to the population size of each city, providing a leaderboard of the most entrepreneurial cities in the nation. Now named Europe’s most entrepreneurial country, over 2,644,100 businesses have started in the UK within the last two years alone, according to data gathered from Companies House, with 2015 being a record year for start-up growth. Despite the good news, Liverpool also has one of the worst start-up survival rates – something that will have to be looked at.

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