New Year’s Eve, 1899, Paris. On the outskirts of the city, the circus had arrived.

George Claude Lockhart and the rest of his clan of misfits and vagabonds had begun nailing down their tents and setting up for what would be the greatest show of their lives. Little did they know, it would not go completely as planned. That year, a harrowing storm blew its way through Paris, ripping through the streets and bursting out the rear of the city, tearing the big top to tatters. It caused mass destruction, stealing anything in its path. Lockhart’s circus was no more. His tents were gone, his animals were free and his clan were hungry. They took to the streets of Paris seeking refuge from the vicious rain and biting winds. After searching every corner of the city and having countless doors slammed in their faces, they finally arrived at a windmill. A windmill run by lunatics and hustlers. Bursting at the seams with; aristocrats, dancers, opium and antics. The Moulin Rouge agreed to shelter the weary travellers, under one condition, the show must go on!

The Liverpool Arts Society embarks on their third immersive event at Liverpool’s E.B.G.B.S. Their events bring together local creatives from all corners of the industry with live music and interactive theatre all night long. With the success of their previous two events ‘Prohibit’ that took you back to a 1920’s New York speakeasy and ‘Homecoming’ taking you to a 1950’s American Homecoming dance, the company are excited to challenge themselves with an event from a completely different era. And this event promises to be the best one yet, bringing in acrobats, magicians, gymnasts, burlesque dancers and much more. The Liverpool Arts Society say that the urge to produce events like this came from the desire to work with new people, in new spaces and in a new style.

We caught up with Alex Medlicott ahead of the event:

“We felt the need to push the boundaries of entertainment, not in an aggressive or artistic way, but simply by involving the audience a lot more in the theatrical experience. This sort of event will literally take you somewhere. You interact with characters, listen to music of the time and are even served drinks from that era. As an audience member you get out of this what you put in. If you speak to the characters and go looking for clues, you’ll find secret rooms with hidden scenes, underlying subplots and much more. If you come with an open mind and decide to completely immerse yourself into the madness, you’ll leave knowing that you’ve been to the hottest theatre event in town.”

The event takes place on the 8th December and kicks off at 8pm. With over 250 people attending each event so far Tickets are free but limited places are available so make sure to get yours quick! Tickets are available following this link.