The beloved local baker is swapping her domestic oven for an industrial one, her home kitchen for a huge unit and her dreams for reality.

Laura Worthington, the star baker behind Laura’s Little Bakery, has amassed a loyal following that will follow her wherever the treats go. Considering she’s a domestic baker that does everything in house, thousands of people follow her social media accounts and count down the days until the next slice. Unicorn macarons, Crunchie cupcakes and the odd red velvet brownie in between – Laura is personally responsible for it being impossible to diet. After pleasing the mouths and stomachs of Liverpool and beyond for some time, she’s making the bold move to open a cake production unit on Edge Lane.

We caught up with her to talk all things cake:

How did this all start?

It all started with a trip to New York. I was blown away by the quality of the desserts and couldn’t find anything back in Liverpool that matched a proper NY cheesecake, so I attempted to bake for the first time in my life about 7 and a half years ago and immediately caught the baking bug.

About 2 months after my first bake and a few very successful attempts my daughter asked me to bake cupcakes for her birthday, begrudgingly (as I wasn’t a cupcake fan) I made them and again everyone loved the end result and 2 months on from that I was taking cake samples to Bold street coffee and Dafna’s cheesecake in an attempt to supply a few various places in the city with wholesale cakes. Not one to start off gently I hit the top places in Liverpool & low and behold they all wanted me to supply or bake for them.

How has the journey been so far?

Six and a bit years later and LLB is going strong. I’m a firm regular at Independent Liverpool festivals, official cupcake supplier for LFC hospitality, Filter and Fox, Berry & Rye and Sound on duke street stock my cakes regularly. The business has been growing year on year.

Are you excited?

Im so excited for what the future holds, scared but excited in equal measures. I made the decision to finally expand now after holding back for a long time due to my children. Being a single mum makes fitting everything in pretty tough but all three of my girls are all onboard, so supportive and completely behind me and that’s all I really need.

When can we expect to see you open?

The bakery will be in stages due to finances really. Stage 1 being bare minimum to set up, bake and hire maybe one staff after a few months of settling in. Stage 2 is to create a shop and cafe area, people will be able to buy baking products, take away cakes and also sit in and eat cake with coffee. Stage 3 is cupcake master classes, cupcake and cocktail parties and more. I hope to be open beginning of June, sometime next week.

Cupcake and cocktail parties? We’re sold. The unit will be open soon and is located on 198 Edge Lane, Unit 5. If you fancy drooling and keeping up with her story, have a gander at her wonderful cakes here.