“We always called each other good fellas. Like you said to, uh, somebody: you’re gonna like this guy, he’s alright, he’s a good fella. He’s one of us”

Ladies and gentleman, on the 10th of November we’re inviting you to a night of film, food and cocktails. We’re starting a cult film night club and we’re launching with Goodfellas – the absolute gangster classic. The event will be held in the newly opened and exciting Buyers Club, a beautiful space that will be our very own Copacabana club for the evening.
More than just film, we’ve got themed food and drink cooked by the incredible chefs at Buyers Club, who by the way are also the guys behind the amazing Secret Diners Club. Throughout the evening you’ll be served “Meatballs Just Like Mama Used to Make in Vinnie’s Special Sauce” and “Postman’s Margarita Pizza”. To accompany the food we’ve got a delicious Italian red and a classic Italian boozy cocktail called we’ve called “I Always Wanted To Be a Gangster”. The food and drink will be so tasty that it will keep your mouth shut so you can never rat on your friends.
Tickets are just £25 per person, and we’ve only got a very limited number so we’re expecting this one to sell out fast so grab them whilst you can here.