A night we can solemnly swear you’ll get up to no good.

Oh, how often we wish an owl would drop us off a Hogwarts acceptance letter rather than receiving the usual bill, suspicious looking takeaway menu and neighbour’s package from a regular old human. The Harry Potter series gave us all a chance to escape through the wonderful realm of magic as we followed one very special journey from boy to man and from a mere Muggle to hero. Whether you’re a Gryffindor or a Hufflepuff, you’ll love the sound of HUS’s Harry Potter themed feast and quiz where the winner goes home with a real magic wand. Not really but, one can dream.


From the same chaps behind The Baltic Social, HUS was born after spending time in Stockholm and Copenhagen and basically falling in love with the eating and drinking scene over there. The Tempest Building is their new home, many will know it for housing one of Liverpool’s most elaborate and beautiful pieces of street art on the back. It has been described as Scandic-Cool, taking advantage of the Nordic links between Liverpool and Scandinavia. Hot lush jewels of green amid Norwegian wood with a forest of fresh plants as the backdrop. It’s so beautiful we could literally live there.


Just below the beauty that lays one floor above, they’ve got an underground bunker space they’re calling Kolbox – a secret space that plays host to pop-up supper clubs, art exhibitions, gigs, theatre and film nights. It will also be the setting for the Harry Potter feast where for one night it will be known as the Great Hall and big slabs of wood will be lined up so diners can feast. Everyone will be sat together and it is here, through the power of magic, the line between strangers and friends will be lost: all through the love of Harry.


It is £10 per team to enter with a maximum team number of 6. There will be all sorts of rounds, so you’ve ‘got to have your wits about ya’. There will be prizes along the way for best dressed, best quiz team name and many more. All Witches, Wizards and Muggles welcome. Tickets have sold out for the original evening on Saturday 4th Feb so they’ve added another night on Friday 3rd Feb. Grab your tickets for the quiz here and for the feast here. To find out more info click here