Set up by Action on Addiction, The Brink to many is known as a retreat for the recovering.

This has built a strong podium for recovering addicts to immerse themselves back into mainstream society. But The Brink is so much more than a non-alcoholic bar. 73% of the employees are in recovery making this wonderful space extra-ordinary and at the forefront of modern philanthropy. Despite people believing you need an exclusive membership to walk through the doors, The Brink’s benevolence stretches to all walks of life and we’d seriously recommend an afternoon or an evening there. 

As soon as you walk in its hard not be captivated by The Brink, it is a shrine to the weird and the wonderful with a certain creative flourish and prowess present throughout. From the bright purple and green chairs that catch your eyes straight away, the wall decor shrouded in abstract sculptures to the upside down plant pots hanging from the roof (which must be hard to water). It is almost a celebration of the diversity of life and certainly reiterates the lives this incredible charity gives back. The Brink’s  motto “What We Make Makes us” perpetuates the social conscience and ethos of The Brink as well as the fact after they’ve paid their running costs, any profit goes back into helping people in treatment.

The Brink is set to host its birthday bash on Friday January 31. The Parr Street venue is ready to welcome guests for an evening of live music, good food and a number of special guest speakers. Not only will the party celebrate eight years since the much-loved dry bar opened its doors in Liverpool city centre but it will give visitors a chance to see some of the exciting changes brought in by the team in the last 12 months. The Brink has undergone a venue-wide refresh with updated décor and an all-new menu alongside the introduction of additional social events to its already eclectic programme, including its recent Sober Rave with DJ Lee Butler. The Brink’s birthday party will take place from 7pm on Friday January 31 and is free to attend.

For more information or to register to attend please email or call 0151 703 0582.