Could we BE any more excited?

A Friends themed brunch is coming to a Central Location near you and your ‘FRIENDS’ are invited to relive the nostalgia of your favourite episodes. You can now join fellow fanatics in The One Where They All Went For Brunch.

Don’t worry there won’t be any of Rachel’s Shepherd’s pie trifle on offer, but maybe a few moist-maker sandwiches of Ross’s, just make sure you put your name on them. If anyone spots Joey remember he doesn’t share food. Who will be the Monica to your Rachel? The Joey to your Chandler? The 4th wife to Ross?

Included in your 90 Minute session will be delicious food and the option to upgrade to 1 hour of bottomless drinks. There will a Friends themed quiz with a prize for the winners. Friends themed Charades, projectors showing friends episodes and a costume competition with prizes for the best dressed. So, feel free to bring along a turkey as a headpiece. Dress up as an armadillo and humidify that hair ready to join the event. They’ll be there for you. 

Their menu also caters for all allergies. Tickets here.