Freida Mo’s isn’t a cafe, it isn’t a shop, it’s so much more – small and perfectly formed. 

Lark Lane – a stretch of Liverpool land that needs no introduction. From solemn Tuesday morning coffees to big boozy parties – the lane has got and has seen it all. Very recently, a quaint shop that wouldn’t look out of place at Brighton Pier opened very softly but is now making big waves on the Bohemian street.

Welcome to Freida Mo’s. A place built top to bottom by Sally Ayres, a woman who has spent the last 11 years immersing herself in the colourful corner of Liverpool’s vintage scene. She works there alone, all day every day but she doesn’t want your sympathy. She loves it.

Above her head is her colourful Flamingo Motel, her Uber colourful Air B&B which she rents out on weekends. Beneath her feet is everything she’s worked for and dreamed of – her own place to show off the best of the city’s independents all in one rather modest shop.

We sat down proprietor Sally Ayres to find out more:

So, Freida Mo’s, tell us all about it?

So yeah …. Freida Mo’s – it’s about time I had my own shop with my own morals and beliefs right?! After being in Liverpool 11 years and assisting many people achieve their goals I’m so proud to finally have done it for myself. 

Who’d have thought when I rocked up in The Pool 11 years ago with only a suitcase and a bright pink Mini Cooper with no job or friends that I’d now be trading on Lark Lane?! Small but amazing things.

What is the inspiration for the name?

Freida Mo’s is named after my 2 grandmothers Freida and Mo, short for Maureen, I figured why not name my shop after 2 women I adored and I feel lucky to have had them in my life so why not bring that into my shop? The shop opened on St Patrick’s day and the new moon, 17th March – trying to bring in all the luck I can!

How important is it to be independent to you?

Everything in store is from a local independent because being one myself I wanted to show my support and love for people just like me who have a dream and an idea. I get my coffee from 92 Degrees, tea from Sweet Pea and Little Wolf, I bake the cakes daily every day, bread is from The French Corner, Vinyl is from Blast Vinyl on Duke Street, the soda is from our friends at Soda Works, I’ve made all the clothing and collectables and more.

Any events we can look out for?

Our first is celebrating poem in your pocket day, we’re covering the shop with poems for people to take away for free and our second is the weekend of the food and drink festival ‘mad hatters weekend’ … look out for the invites! 

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