So the aforementioned sorcery of the Local Pound has been around for 9 weeks in Liverpool now.
We thought it best to catch up with Leon Rossiter, Economy Manager at The Local Pound & Colu, at their Baltic Triangle office to hear about the impact & new business created for independents, large and very small, so far…

5 of the juiciest bits so far…

  • Nick at Barley & Beans sold 500 Freak Shakes in 2 weeks through the Local Pound
  • They started collaborating with the wonderfully crazy, and wonderful, Lucy Antal of Liverpool Food People, on an EU bid for the knowledge quarter regarding a circular economy around local food
  • Samantha from Lost Cosmos Healing got 15 new customers in the last 2 weeks, with 30% of them looking like they may well turn into regulars 

  • Candice from Delifonseca got featured in The Times, as well as being featured on BBC Radio 2. National snazziness for a local independent.
  •  £35,000 ended up in Liverpool residents wallets!!! Just for downloading the app and learning how it all works! This money will end up with local entrepreneurs and businesses, which is super cool  (registration gift is now a fiver… if you haven’t, get yours now buy clicking here)

We’ll be offering some pretty sweet deals through the Local Pound at our up coming St Patricks Day festival. Working to get you exclusive money saving deals on some deliciously tasty offerings whilst soaking up a Guinness, or three, you may, or may not indulge in 😉

A list of places accepting are below, enjoy your free registration gift of £5, or if you already enjoyed a treat and have spent yours, save up to 15% of the bill when paying with the local pound!

You get extra money every time you add money to your wallet, a nice little Brucy bonus whilst supporting your locally owned, and unique, establishments of awesomeness!