This looks exciting.

‘I was about to call it a night, but in this city, trouble doesn’t sleep. It’s my last night on the job, I finished hours ago but I can’t bring myself to leave. I don’t know whether it’s fear of the unknown or love for the job but something is keeping me here. I finish the last drop of whiskey and go to grab my coat. Just as I expected, the phone rings. I’ve heard this voice before, from the movies. It says one word and hangs up, ‘Nancy’s’. Not for one minute was I heading home, I was waiting for this. One last job. I arrive at the scene and the rain beats the streets as I stand glaring down the busy alleyway. I see her silhouette in the piercing streetlight outside the club. I can smell the smoke as it leaves her lips in the distance. Her figure is a reminder of my mortality as my blood runs hot for one rare moment before she disappears into the crowd. One last job.’

The Liverpool Arts Society embark on yet another immersive club night in the city, this time with a new story and theme. Past events have taken audiences back to a 1920’s speakeasy, a 1950’s Homecoming dance and to world famous Moulin Rouge. In their signature style using interactive performers, live music and wacky set design, they manage to bring to life a world, time and place of a different era. Audience members in the past have been fascinated with how the events move and come to life around you. You’re sucked into a story and literally follow the characters through the journey they’re on, all whilst enjoying a night out. 

Sin City will dive into a world of colour and imagination. Set in a dystopian city filled with crooks, liars and cheats, there’ll be lights, music, dancing and so many secrets for you to find. Creative Director, Alex Medlicott, says; “This is our most exciting one yet as it gives us the real task of playing with colour. It will be wild, sexy, big and bold, but you’ll also find detail in every character. We’re really excited by the idea of trying to make our event as comic-like as possible. It really gives us the freedom to be creative and play with not only the design of the night but also the weird and wonderful characteristics we can give characters. If you engage and immerse yourself in the world, you’ll fall deep into the story and never want to leave the exciting world we create.” Come on down to ‘Nancy’s’, interact with the characters, enjoy the music and find out for yourself, who did it! But remember, in Sin City, nothing is as it seems. 

The event is on Saturday 9th June and the doors open at 8pm. Tickets are available online for £5 and you can get yours via the link attached!