If only they did University degrees in this.

The beauty of life, is in the surprises. Today felt just like any other normal Wednesday until American Pizza Slice got in touch to let us know they’re looking for pizza tasters to try their new menu. As in, you eat pizza for free and in return give your opinion on future flavours. What a time to be alive. If you haven’t had a slice of pizza from American Pizza Slice you’re doing this whole Liverpool thing wrong. We still remember our first time, it was love at first slice.

For 15 years, this little pizza shop has become a big part of Liverpool’s independents and is a cornerstone for cheesy goodness. We think their 18” pizza has something to do with it. All you have to do is tell them your most unusual combinations of pizza. Tweet them, message them on Facebook or be bold and go into the shop and tell. Go back in time to that drunken night you’re so desperately trying to forget or that time the cravings got the better of you and let your secret pizza out. This goes beyond arguing whether pineapple belongs on it, they want to know the weirdest of the weird.

Winners must be able available for a tasting on Sunday May 14th. You can find their Twitter here, Facebook here or Instagram here.