The four local artists have now been chosen for the Crafted In Liverpool Competition by seven superstar local judges!

The competition, aiming to shine a light on living locally, will be used by Colu as they look to be the oil in a vibrant and connected local economy in Liverpool.  Having 140+ businesses and 21,000 people with the app, the art works will be used around the city to engage people into thinking about shopping locally as much as possible! You can download your wallet here and get £5 free! Plus a juicy 10% extra when you top up your wallet with Local Pounds. 

We now need your help to pick a “People’s Choice Award”, so on top of the prizes already received by the four commissioned artists, Colu will be giving an additional 100 Local Pounds to the winner as chosen by you on our poll here, running until Monday 25th of September at 8pm.

Here are the four winning finalists, and a little about their work…

Cherished part of our city

To me, local means community. I was born and raised in Walton within a community where you are accepted, cared for and looked after by your neighbours.

Buildings have always been associated with memories and identity, from walking past a certain building everyday on your way to work, having a family tradition to visit the Everyman Rock and Roll Panto every Christmas, or finding your passion within a museum or art gallery. Places and buildings demonstrate what it means to be a part of Liverpool and its amazing spirit.

Julia Penlington, City Centre @JulesPenlington

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Real, Living System

As someone who was raised in a close knit community within Merseyside I know the value of a diverse support network who are in your corner. It means putting in something and seeing the visible effects of how it makes something better right in front of your eyes.

Kathrine Anderson, Kirkby @keandersonart

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Money Flow

“A huge question I believe that needs to be asked of our city is where does the money go? We need honest and innovative change to ensure our money stays within the local economy and doesn’t disappear into the hands of billionaire investors. We need an independent system that cares about our diverse communities and helps change how we spend our money, and ultimately where it ends up.”
Jonathan Hunter, Old Swan @Honathanjunter
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Connected to the Local Community 


I have seen the degeneration and regeneration of the small independent businesses in the area, and I think Smithdown sums up the Liverpool idea of local better than anywhere else I have visited – even if you’re from somewhere else, you’re here now, so you’re a local!Including elements of architecture from the Smithdown area and dynamic images of the Liverpool Co-ed Roller Derby team, who for me, embody a fantastic community spirit.

Jennifer Chapman, Smithdown – @joydesignshop

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