Liverpool – a city well known for its spirit, both literally and figuratively, is about to get a whole festival dedicated to all things alcoholic.

Some of the world’s finest spirits will be going up for the taste test at an exclusive weekend devoted to distilling in March of this year. The launch of the first-ever Spirits Festival will showcase a wide variety of complex gins, rums, whiskies and vodka, and – like all the best things – the idea for the event came as a result of a unique collaboration between some of the most knowledgeable drinks experts from Merseyside and beyond. Expect more than 100 premium spirits available to sample, cocktail workshops, masterclasses from drinks experts and an exclusive preview of a new Liverpool city distillery. How exciting.


Your hosts for Spirits Festival include Tom Mills, who’s the founder of acclaimed independent bottler Malt of The Earth Whisky Co; Paul Murphy, of Fenwick Street’s highly regarded Whisky Business shop; and Paul Seiffert, who’s the brains behind the beloved Liverpool Craft Beer Expo and the Baltic Triangle’s go-to specialist craft beer bar, Black Lodge. Between them, they’ll be presenting a two-day insight into the world of distilled spirits and offering samples of everything from the finer points of modern American whisky to the berry-infused botanicals of British gins.

“We’re huge fans of all kinds of different spirits, and we’re looking forward to showcasing them all under one roof,” says Tom Mills.

“There’s currently a big renaissance in creative spirit production and this is an exciting opportunity to taste some of the most interesting modern spirits and meet their makers – we’re lucky to be bringing them all together for this special event.”

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It’s all happening from Friday March 10th and Saturday March 11th at Constellations, on Greenland Street, in the Baltic Triangle. Get your tickets here. They’re £22 each but you get unlimited sample. Please remember to drink responsibly with irresponsible people. More info here.