Help drink gin? Oh go on, you’ve twisted our arm.

The Baltic Triangle is the epicentre of creativity in Liverpool and is well known for pushing the boundaries. It is home to game designers, app developers, a skate park, drone flyers, musicians and Botanical Garden, a pop-up urban wonderland of everything gin, plant and summer related. The quintessential British garden but not as you’d expect it. The very definition of a hidden gem, so much so that even Google Maps doesn’t know where you’re on about. Walk along New Bird Street and amid the walls adorned in street art and you’ll come across a light brown wall with the words “Gin Lane”. A designated that sun worshippers all come together for juniper-based goodness. 


There’s a beautiful juxtaposition between the walls and the plants. Inside sacks of soil you’ll find lavender, strawberries, mint, sage and more. The beauty of the space is that it feels as if you have just stumbled, almost by mistake, on a venue that just seems to make sense from beginning to end. Based on a site that is earmarked for redevelopment, they never thought they’d make it past 2015 as a pop up, yet here they are. They’ve grown & bloomed bigger, better and brighter than ever for season 2 at the Botanical Garden and newly opened heated covered ridiculously special Greenhouse.

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Having took a run down yard and warehouse under their custodianship just over a year ago, the gardeners have breathed new life into a derelict site and now want to celebrate one year of their labour of love with you all. Saturday 14th May and Sunday 15th may will see live bands, DJ’s, gin tasting, Cuban street food and other lovely surprises. The very talented Katy Alex will be starting the day with an acoustic session and everybody’s favourite, Loose Moose String Band, promise the performance of a lifetime in the evening. It’s all completely free and all guaranteed fun. Botanical Garden is built out of genuine passion for the drink and Liverpool in equal measures. Kind of like the perfect gin and tonic. More here.