Taking over The Olympia for three nights on Thursday 6th, Friday 7th and Saturday 8th April, Bongo’s Bingo’s second birthday weekend in Liverpool promises to be a spectacular celebration. 

What started as essentially an idea on the back of a beer mat in Merseyside some two years ago is evolving to redefine the concept of a night out for many people across the UK, and has been planning its biggest weekend yet which the team are incredibly proud to reveal.

The very special birthday guests are Irish duo Boyzlife and iconic 90s band S Club, continuing the show’s heritage of booking iconic stars to perform at special select events – both groups will be starring on each of the three nights. Boyzlife’s performances are packed full of Westlife and Boyzone hits not yet performed by Brian and Keith together, as well as many favourites from the previous tour and a few surprises too. And S Club 7 were one of the biggest bands of the late 90s and early 00s, with a huge catalogue of hit singles ranging from Don’t Stop Moving through to Never Had A Dream Come True, the band have had huge chart success worldwide.

Selling out over 20 shows per month across 8 cities is no mean feat, and Bongo’s Bingo continues to create unprecedented demand for tickets which exceeds most major festivals. In Liverpool alone just recently 300,000 people were online seeking to buy 5,000 tickets, a level of demand which is incredibly rare in any kind of event, let alone for… bingo.

It’s true that Bongo’s Bingo has to be seen to be believed – the show mixes the traditional elements of bingo with dance-offs, rave intervals, plenty of heckling, audience participation, endless hands-in-the-air anthems, and the chance to win some amazing and not so amazing prizes for those wishing to take part. Each evening is presided over by one of its co-founders, the legendary Jonny Bongo, who holds court as part host, part DJ and part master of ceremonies. It’s a sublimely chaotic experience, and predictably unpredictable – no two shows are ever the same, yet there’s a familiar thread of distilled mayhem and magic running through each and every Bongo’s Bingo.

Fellow co-founder Joshua Burke explains: “We never really expected to make it to two shows, let alone to reach two years! So for our home town of Liverpool to be reaching this milestone is very special indeed, and we’ll be pulling out every stop to make it our best weekend so far for our birthday with our very special guests. The Olympia is a great venue for us to use, one which offers more room so we are able to bring in Boyzlife and S Club for each of the three nights. We are expecting the demand for tickets to be pretty crazy and to sell out very quickly indeed.” 

Keep your eyes peeled here at 6pm. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get a ticket, there’ll be plenty of shows coming up soon.