Take our money.

St. Luke’s Church, which can be viewed from Bold Street, aptly stands bold at the top of the street after being badly damaged during the Liverpool blitz in 1941. It is now known as the ‘Bombed Out Church’ and stands as a memorial for those who lost their lives. Nowadays regular events take place there as a way to rejoice and celebrate the brave and shake your tail-feather. Not only that, the beloved Bombed Out Church occasionally turns into an open air cinema for a night of unrivalled cinema and if that sounds good to you, the fact they’ve just decided to do it again in a couple of weeks will make you very happy.

The outdoor cinema will be over 3 days showing and exploring three different classic pieces of cinema. On February 14th, for what might be the most romantic of Valentine’s Days, you can go and see Casablanca. Of all the Bombed Out Churches in the world. On February 16th you can watch In The Mood For Love and on February 17th you can watch Enter The Dragon, the Bruce Lee classic that will pay a homage to Chinese New Year. Tickets can be purchased online here and they’re currently only £5 and you can get a refillable drink. Bargain.