Bold Street is set to welcome a new addition in the form of healthy-living juice bar and eatery Orgânico, which will open its doors early August.

The city’s newest dining establishment will focus on raw produce, fresh organic juices and plant-based dishes and desserts, teaming up with local and independent suppliers from across the region. 

The concept was brought to life by restaurateurs Otto Mellouki and Amine El Gueddar, who have 40 years’ combined experience in hospitality having expanded their business, Al Manal Group, across the North West with the likes of Bakchich and Kasbah among their portfolio. The duo have used time in lockdown to transform the site, creating 15 hospitality jobs to support the city’s food and drink scene amid challenges for the sector.

Otto said: “We are excited to bring our healthy eating initiative to Bold Street this summer following increasing demand for more raw and nutritious dining options. The idea behind Orgânico came from our own love of organic food that is of the land for the land and with that in mind, we wanted to create Liverpool’s first inclusive destination for plant-based and vegetarian cuisine. We want to show people they can eat well and enjoy a delicious and diverse menu without compromising on flavour.

“Over recent years, Liverpool’s hospitality scene has gone from strength to strength and it’s a real privilege to be a part of its next chapter. There’s no doubt that the food and drink industry has been affected by recent global events, however, it has only made us more determined to open. We’re incredibly proud to be able to support this aspect of the city and provide opportunities for employment.” 

The 50-seater juice bar and eatery will serve breakfast, brunch and daytime menus, initially opening from 10am to 6pm. Alongside its eat-in service, the venue will offer a range of indulgent fresh counter produce available to take away, with everything from cakes, including vegetarian and vegan cheesecakes, sandwiches and wraps, and salads to name a few. 

The impressive menu has been curated by Head Chef Sean Paul Redding, who has previously cooked for stars including Paul McCartney and Kate Moss. Sean has made a name for himself in the region thanks to his modern take on vegan cooking and believes that Orgânico will offer something new for the city.

Sean said: “With this menu, I wanted to make every dish as fresh as I possibly could, using as much as I can from Liverpool based suppliers – everything that we can get that’s organic, will be. Our menu will have everything from Mac & Cheese through to extremely healthy choices such as a Buddha Bowl, as part of a concept that combines a grab-and-go bar with the option to sit in. The kitchen team includes a number of people that I have worked with previously so we’re all very tight-knit and share a passion for plant-based and vegetarian cooking.”

Amine added: “Our concept was inspired by the foods that we enjoy, and we have made sure to include a variety of dishes to suit every taste. From breakfast and brunch through to hot and cold takeaway options, vegan desserts, and an assortment of healthy drinks, eating well has never tasted so good. We’re especially excited about the range of fresh juices on offer.

“The quality of our menu is important to us and we are enthusiastic about making organic and raw produce the standard for dining out. With the number of individuals eating plant-based and vegetarian diets rising year on year, we can see diners are choosing their food more consciously and there’s certainly a demand for restaurant options that are good for you. As part of that ethos, we are working with local suppliers and North West farmers to provide specially selected ingredients daily for maximum freshness. With Orgânico we want to create a choice for our customers and offer something more than the limited vegetarian alternatives that exist within many restaurants. We are passionate about driving that change in attitude with a creative menu that has no bounds.”

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