The creators of Golf Fang are set to open unique karaoke concept in the heart of the city this September

Liverpool, it’s time to press play! Brand new venue Big Fang Karaoke has announced that its first immersive destination will be launching in the city on Friday 29th September.

Fans of experience-led socialising will be able to step into a world of music, technology and nostalgia, all amidst a neon-lit Tokyo city. It’s a sonic slam of music and machine. You ain’t sung karaoke like this before and it’s about to blow your mind!

Big Fang Karaoke will launch  in collaboration with Asahi, and comes from the team behind adults-only crazy golf brand Golf Fang. The venue will be located right next door to the well-known graffiti covered ‘Sprayground’ – name a better spot for the ultimate Liverpool night out! 

With four karaoke rooms, which cater for between four and twenty-five guests, Big Fang Karaoke is ideal for pre’s, parties or to round off a night on the town.

All Big Fang Karaoke’s drinks have been specially designed to elevate the senses and amplify the immersive karaoke experience. Sip on signature concoctions that pay homage to the iconic synthwave and glitchwave culture, including ice cold Smoking Cryo Shots, 1.5L hip-flasks to share, and self-pour Nitro Serve cocktails in Pressurised Passion or Neon Nuclear flavours.

Karaoke fans will have access to a private room for their party, and if booking ahead, there will be an exclusive opportunity to ‘Fill Yer Fridge’, where a pre-booked, personalised selection of drinks will be chilling upon arrival in the room.

The team at Big Fang Collective commented: “We’re super excited to be launching our flagship Big Fang Karaoke venue in Liverpool, especially as it’s where Golf Fang first launched back in 2016. Liverpool is known for its rich musical heritage, as the birthplace of iconic artists and a hub of creative innovation.

Big Fang Karaoke celebrates the era of neon dreams and retro futurism, where the boundaries of technology were pushed & creativity knew no bounds. We’re collaborating with Asahi on the project, whose brand originated in Japan (as did Karaoke itself) so the partnership made complete sense. Asahi is known for its ‘beyond expected’ and ‘futuristic’ outlook, so we harnessed these values, gave them a Big Fang twist and created a concept that we’re all very proud to be part of.”

Located at 29-31 Parliament Street, Liverpool, L8 5RN (yes that is right next to Golf Fang), Big Fang Karaoke will be open til late every day of the week. Visit for more information and bookings. 

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