Well, politics can be thirsty work.

On a train down to London recently, we got talking to some women who we were sat next to. We discussed everything, from favourite food to ex-partners and it was only when politics came up, it became incredibly awkward. For so long we’d forgotten we were even strangers, all until the point of not knowing  One of the women interjected: “My mum always told me to never discuss three things: religion, politics and sex”. In a time where given the opportunity, most would rather discuss Kama Sutra than politics, it’s apparent there’s a good section of society that feel alienated. It’s sad because, right or left, we are engaging less and less in political debate and ironically, abstinence is the most popular party of them all.

People who haven’t voted before, or are registered but don’t vote, make up a huge proportion of the population. In the last election more people didn’t vote than the total votes for any of the main parties, as previously mentioned. Enter “Vote This Year Get A Free Beer”, a small yet sweeping movement tackling the problem with young and apathetic voters.The idea is simple really – register to vote this year through the website before the 22nd May and your receive an email which will let you claim a free beer in reward. Not a bad compromise, by any means. So far, the Baltic Triangle venue Constellations is supporting the campaign as well as Ma Boyle’s. We expect a lot more to get involved, we’ll add them to this blog as and when it happens. The power of beer, eh?

As a website with a quite large audience, we’ve realised it isn’t our job to influence your vote but it is our duty to remind you to vote. Whether you decide to or not is your decision. Voting in this election is going to massively affect our lives for the next 5 years and beyond. Every vote will directly affect what happens to our NHS, schools and universities, our economy and the relationship we have with the rest of the world. This election is like no other, we truly live in unique times. Not since the end of the Second World War have there been such huge political changes, which will change the course of the country that we’ll all inherit.

Find out more details here about where you can grab a pint. Here’s the three easy steps on how to do it:

1) Follow this link to register to vote; register here

2) All you need is your address and National Insurance Number. If you don’t have your NI number get it here. If you don’t have a fixed abode you need to do this.

3) You will receive an email back confirming you have registered. Take this to one of the venues below, show it to the bar tender and they will give you a free drink. Your details will be taken so you’ll only be able to claim one drink in one venue.