There is no more sincere love than the love of food.

Dear the wallets and waistlines of everyone who reads this, we apologise. Here’s part two of 35 plates of food in Liverpool you must try, you’re so welcome.

Jam Doughnut – Portland Street 358

This doughnut sandwich is not for the faint hearted. It is so right in a really wrong kind of way and one of these will leave you basking on the couch like a woozy sea lion.


Egg and Straw Fries – Neon Jamon

There’s a lot to be said about simplicity. That’s kinda the point, isn’t it? Two fried eggs on top of straw fries may not be the most exciting list of ingredients but take one bite and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

eggs and staw

Lamb and Halloumi Burger – Hafla Hafla 

Lamb? Good. Halloumi? Good. Salad and sauce? Good. Those who aren’t a fan of flavour need to stay away and be scared of this one.


BBQ Halloumi Burrito – Evil Eye Beer and Burrito Shack

Burrito’s that reign in the same size and weight as the average toddler meet our approval. This BBQ Halloumi version is delicious and you’ll nurse the burrito baby in your stomach all night long with gleaming pride.


Bacon, Cheese and Fig Sandwich – Epicured

Cheese, fig relish, back bacon and shavings of dark chocolate on top. Sweet, salty, creamy, cheesy and bound to make you moan out loud.


Full English – Cafe Tabac

It is scientifically proven there is no better way to start the day than a Tabac breakfast and hangovers cower when they see it in all its glory. It’d be rude not to get a Bloody Mary to the side, wouldn’t it?


Vongolo Linguine – Little Italy

We’ll save you the Google, it is basically fresh linguine cooked with clams in a white wine sauce. About as rustic as it gets and an Italian classic on a Liverpool street.


Sunday Roast – Delifonseca

The Sunday Roast is a cornerstone in family life. There are fewer things more comforting and Delifonseca show such a tradition full justice.


Hotdog – Meet Frank

This is slightly better than your average Sizzlers. Half of it will end up on your face and that is completely fine.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 14.30.15

Duck and Pancakes – Miss Kitty’s

I mean, who doesn’t like duck and pancakes? There should be some sort of law about that.


Avocado Smash – Golden Square Coffee

Sliced avocado on top of a toasted bloomer with crumbled feta, balsamic dressing and jewels of pink peppercorns. Light, fresh and a pretty good way to spend lunch.


Veggie Breakfast – Siren

Veggies and meat eaters alike travel from far for this breakfast. In heinzsight, we think there might be something in the homemade beans. Get it? Because Heinz make beans? Yeah, maybe we should stick to food.

veggi breakfast

Machine Gun Funk – Yardbird

Salt and pepper fried chicken breast fillet fingers with speared spiced water melon and a chilli cheesy waffle. If that wasn’t good enough, it is also one of your five a day because of the watermelon.


 Falafel Sandwich – Delkery

A match made in heaven where the worlds of falafel, olives and feta cheese combine in a delicious seeded toastie.


Waffles – Cow and Co

If you know of anything better than crispy on the outside and soft in the middle waffles with blueberries and cream poured all over them with dashes of powdered sugar and a coffee to the side, please let us know.


Fried Lasagne Bites – Death Row Dive ‘n’ Diner

We all know the corners of a lasagne are the best bits and now you don’t have to fight for them as these squares of lasagne have been deep fried and rest on top of a marinara sauce. This is everything you’ve ever wanted.

fried lasagne

Vegan Hangover Destroyer – Filter and Fox

Toasted bagel, sliced banana, peanut butter and walnuts. Can we all just take a few seconds of appreciation for peanut butter? Okay, as you were.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 15.35.56

Crispy Shredded Chilli Beef and Carrot – Yuet Ben

Crispy, spicy and essences of sweet through. Yuet Ben is an absolute institution in the food scene in Liverpool and this plate is just one reason why.


Hogg Roast Pizza – Tribeca

Pizza is circular happiness and Tribeca know what they’re doing. Slow roasted shoulder of pork, stilton, watercress & bramley apple sauce, finished with pork crackling. You’ll never order pepperoni again.


Liverpool Bay Sea Bass – London Carriage Works

Liverpool bay sea bass, heritage tomato ‘coral’,  baby fennel, locally foraged sea herbs and a tarragon gel. It comes with a side of crab bisque to pour over it and is so pretty you don’t know whether to eat it or get your picture taken with it.


Antipasta Platter – Il Forno

There’s something so satisfying about a platter. A big wooden board full of meats, cheeses, veggies and bread where absolutely no-one expects you to use anything but your hands.

il forno

Afternoon Tea – Cuthbert’s Bakehouse

A carousel of cakes, finger sandwiches and indulgence with a pot of tea to the side. Let the patriotism inside you reign supreme and tuck in to the layers of indulgence.


Sliders – Button Street Smokehouse

In a world where burgers are getting bigger, sometimes its refreshing to see a miniature version. They’re all tasty but we love the “Burnt Ends” the most. It is seasoned & deep fried nuggets of beef brisket drenched in BBQ sauce.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 16.10.04

Full English – Leaf

Well known for its tea, Leaf’s full english is criminally understated. Can we all just agree that hash browns are possibly the best invention ever?


Tawa Starters – Yukti

A tawa is a large, flat or convex disc-shaped griddle made from metal. Mackerel fillets, tikki mash potato, minced lamb patties and batons of chicken. A unique and delicious taste of India.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 19.33.33

Sunday Roast – Camp and Furnace

We know Sunday’s are meant to be about resting but we believe they should be about roasting and Camp and Furnace do it the best. Their Yorkshire puddings are the size of your head, the optimum size if you ask us.


Double Burger – Moon and Pea

There’s a refreshing lack of gastronomic pretence in Moon and Pea’s food and their burgers stacked skyscraper high are the best way to enjoy it. Might need to skip lunch to try finish this.


Tagine Oualidiya – Kasbah

Every Moroccan restaurant worth its name must be able to make a good tagine. Kasbah do exactly that and whilst they have many to choose from, the delicacy, simplicity and respect the Sea Bass is shown is our favourite.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 16.43.31

Fizz & Chips – 60 Hope Street

Well known for its fine dining, 60 Hope Street likes to go back to basics every now and then. However, their fish and chips is far from basic and comes with a side of fizz to wash it all down.


Quinoa Salad – Neighbourhood

Quinoa is a relatively new discovery in the world of super food. Neighbourhood do a pumpkin seed, avocado, roasted veg and chicken version that is as delicious as it is healthy.


Eggs Frederiks – Frederiks

Toasted homemade muffins, crispy parma ham, garlic asparagus, paprika and mint topped poached eggs and all saturated in hollandaise sauce. Why can’t every day start with this?


Welsh Rarebit – Coopers Coffee Shop

Take a couple pieces of toast, cover it in a heavenly cheese sauce, bacon and two poached eggs and what do you have? Probably the best couple of quid you’ll ever spend.


Chicken Fajita Toastie – Coffee and Fandisha

In a world of deconstruction and boundary-pushing, the chicken fajita is something that is yet to have been messed with and thank god it has been. Who would have known putting it in a toastie would reap such tasty rewards?


Jerk Chicken – Soul Cafe

Caribbean food is becoming ever-popular and it’s no doubt down to jerk chicken. The spicy, sweet and sticky marinade that coats the chicken in finger-licking flavour.


Fish Finger Butty – Liverpool One Bridewell

A gourmet version of a guilty pleasure. Chunks of cod perfectly cooked and swamped in an incredible homemade tartar sauce, all wrapped in a crusty cob. Tar for that.


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