A never before used abandoned space will turn super trippy for one night and one night only.

How do you deal with January? Eat kale, self loathe and find leftover gold tinfoil around your bed? Yeah – us neither. There’s a few ways to kick the January blues – a walk in your local park, a home cooked diner or a psychedelic party in an abandoned warehouse with an atmosphere akin to the illegal underground parties in the 90’s. Whatever floats your boat.

The guys behind it are no strangers to doing out of the ordinary events in Liverpool – under the brand ‘RAW’ they have held parties across Liverpool in Williamson Tunnels, The Baltic Warehouse & they have even shut a car park down for a party. This very unusual venue (that they won’t even reveal to us) was brought to their attention and they wanted to try something completely different that would suit this hidden derelict space. So they came up with The Secret Psychedelic Party – a place of futuristic lighting, old basement tunnels, psychedelic decor all in an industrial factory setting. A complete and utter mishmash that, truth be told, has our intrigue.

They want people to walk into the venue and
feel like they have stepped into a mind bending, brain altering world that is miles away from what we’ve always known. You can expect a blend of sounds from house to garage to disco and beyond. Tickets are now live following this link and you can grab yourself an early bird. Don’t expect to know the location till the actual day where you’ll find out via the medium of a text. Make sure your phone’s charged – sounds like you won’t want to miss out on this one.