Music from the sixties, prices from the nineties and punters from all decades – welcome to La’Go.

Whether you call it La’Go or Lagos – the corner of Colquitt Street has been home to this very special place where a jumbo bucket of life come together, if just for one night. “La’go?” – the one simple suggestion students, misfits, fully-fledging adults and more all mull over in the late hours of the morning. Prices pre-economic collapse and an incredibly concentrated dance floor where sweet soul rhythms treacle out of the speakers is the winning formula and the reasons why many still visit the good part of a decade on. La’Go is the home of reasonably priced bottled beers, deadly matte-black sambuca and people dancing the night away who are nowhere near ready to head to Nabzys and call it a night.

Back when we used to go to La’Go, things like Snapchat or small snippets of video evidence that would be seen by real humans didn’t exist. You could dance like nobody’s watching (although many probably were watching) and you didn’t have to watch it back the next day, like some low-budget version of Footloose that went straight to DVD. If you want front seat to the first dancers of the night, we recommend getting there early to watch the stiffest of humans become almost slinky-like to the sweet symphony of James Brown.

Many will refer to La’Go as the “good old days”, this was basically pre-new-floor and when it felt like the floor had been washed in pritt-stick. It was almost like a vigilante Neil Buchanan had gone to create a masterpiece on the floor but the good people of Liverpool beat him to it. A new floor, some new neon and a bar back built out of timber – at one point we thought La’Go had gone upmarket and were going to start putting Aperol Spritz on the menu and toilet paper in the toilets but no, it’s still the same place we’ve come to know and love.

There’s something undefinable about La’Go and the way it grabs a hold of you. It’s like an old friend in many ways in that no matter how long you go without seeing it, things are still the same after the initial anxious entrance. No matter what your age, you will fall defeat to La’Go.Within an hour you’ll be helpless to the sound of Funk, ordering sambucas at the bar for your new best friends you met of all of four minutes ago. It’s one of the few places where you can get a double for less than a meal deal. How do they do it? We have no idea. 

It’s true what they say, you never forget your first. Never change La’go, never change.

Address: 8-20 Colquitt St, Liverpool L1 4DE