Down with this sort of thing.

Who fancies this? Argh go on, go on, go on. If you’re yet to be introduced to the wonder of Father Ted – it’s a comedy series which focuses on three priests living on Craggy Island – a remote isle off the coast of Ireland. Father Ted Crilly is sent to the island as punishment for using money earmarked for a sick child and taking a holiday in Las Vegas (which he denies, of course). Fathers Dougal Maguire and Jack Hackett are his superiors, and Mrs. Doyle is their nosy housekeeper, who makes plentiful pots of tea.

Yeah Buddy! have teamed up with Liverpool Noise and 81 Renshaw to bring you a long running ‘Best of cult comedy’ series of screening sights on the last Wednesday of every month. Each month the guys and girls bring you a different cult and classic comedy series, you vote for the episodes and they do the rest. Having started the year with a sell out screening of Peep Show, Yeah Buddy! & Liverpool Noise return to 81 Renshaw on February 28th with another cult TV comedy favourite – Father Ted.

They will be showing the best of all 3 seasons which will once again they will be asking for you to vote for the best episodes to be screened. The Xmas special will be even up for grabs. Advance tickets are just £4 (they will be £7 on the door) and we seriously suggest you snap them up quick these shows often sellout, they won’t last long as 81 Renshaw is an intimate venue. Grab them here.