Set sail on the Mersey and enjoy a night like no other.

The ferry across the Mersey might be a song we all know and love and an activity hundreds of thousands of people do a year but most view it as something for tourists. Absolutely not true. It offers a view of Liverpool you don’t get every day and the perfect chance to view our waterfront in all its glory. As well as your every day cruise they’ve started doing themed ones and there’s two you should know about. First up….

Beatles Tribute Cruise

On Saturday 14th April music lovers and Beatles fans alike will get a major kick out of our Beatles Tribute Cruises. On this fun-filled cruise, passengers will enjoy a fantastic performance by one of the best local Beatles cover bands – Paperback Writers! The cruise will also offer specular views of Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage Waterfront, a licensed bar along with hot and cold food will be available. Cruise duration is approximately 2½ hours departing from Seacombe, Wirral at 7.20pm and Pier Head, Liverpool at 7.30pm. Tickets are priced at £20 but if you keep reading we’ve got a discount code just for you!

Who Dunnit Mystery Cruise

Enjoy an evening of super sleuthing to solve the case that will unfold before your eyes whilst you sail along the River Mersey. A light supper of homemade scouse will be served during the cruise and the licenced bar will be open so you can buy drinks. There’s many planned throughout summer but we’re excited for Public Enemy Number One on 28th April. ​It’s set in prohibition time, 1925, and Chicago’s ‘public enemy number one’ Al Capone has recently acquired Johnny Torrios ‘business’ and now is supplying the cities speakeasies with liquor, but federal attentions and local rivalries are making things difficult.

Step on board and join ‘The North Side Gang’ for an evening of Gangsters, Molls, illegal liqueur and old scores that need settling – it’s time to don the fedora or the feather boa and make for the high seas – there’s illegal liqueur that needs drinking and doubtless a murder or two that will need solving before the ship pulls in to dock. Flush out the rat and solve the murder before Capone catches wind of what’s going on – or you’ll be sleeping with fishes. Tickets are £25 and include a bowl of scouse.

Sound good? You know it does. How does a 15% discount code for both those cruises sound? Yeah, we know. Oh stop it, we’re not that great. Legends? Oh c’mon, too far. Anyway. The discount code is IL15 which provides a 15% discount off the ticket price. Booking is available at Details of the Beatles cruise are via the link here and you can find details for the Who Dunnit Mystery cruise here.