Books wash away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

There’s no better feeling than sinking your teeth into a good book. A unique portable magic that allows you to escape from the world, into another world, far more interesting than your own. In an increasingly digital world full of Kindles and Tablets, the romance of a physical copy is being forgotten. If your city has a bookshop, cherish it as the chances are, it might be alone. Luckily, Liverpool values its literature and we have some amazing bookshops, here’s just a small selection.

News From Nowhere

One of Liverpool’s favourite bookshops, News From Nowhere, is much more than a bookshop. It has been a hive for subversive activity, alternative culture and an epicentre for social justice campaigns and literature since 1974. It calls Bold Street home and is enshrined as an iconic organisation in Liverpool’s past, present and with your support, future. News From Nowhere is very popular amongst the tourists and provides an image of Liverpool that people will take back to different places across the world. Shop with the real Amazons.


Address: 96 Bold St, L1 4HY

Reid Of Liverpool

Reid’s is the only surviving Georgian, purpose built retail premises in Liverpool, erected circa 1785 and from floor to ceiling, ageing hard and paper backs are stuffed wherever possible. It almost feels as if there is no order to the treasure trove chaos which is quite lovely, in a sense. There are no categories, no smart online cookies to suggest books you’d like, there’s a sense of adventure and intrigue instantly instilled in you as you’ll more than likely leave with something you’ve never heard of. What sums up the feel of Reid’s is the owner, Jerry, sitting huddled by the fireplace in the shop: It’s the best living room there is and we have seen him there on many occasions. Quintessentially English yet typically Scouse.


Address: 105 Mount Pleasant, L3 5TB

Kernaghan Books

Nestled in one of the most beautiful courtyards in Liverpool is Kernaghan books, a bookshop celebrating 30 years of business. Owned by a lovely couple, Brian and Alwyn, they’ve got over fifteen thousand books on offer and so many life stories it’ll make you feel like you haven’t lived. Their love affair with books began at a young age; and that love of the synchronicity of books coming in and matching them with the old and new streams of book lovers coming in to the shop is the reason they get out of bed in the morning and the main reason they’d never want to do anything else.

alan shute picture

Address: The Bluecoat, School Ln, L1 3BX

Henry Bohn Books

Henry Bohn Books is the sort of place that you might step into out of curiosity, see something interesting that you can’t fit into your bag and decide to take it home. It is this hit and miss, this stroke of serendipity that can alter the course of your life and is a testament to the importance of bookshops. If you were looking for meticulously stacked recent prizewinners in order of alphabet, you came to the wrong place. There are no duplicates, there is little indication of any thought out relevance between the stacks of books and that’s how they like it. Henry Bohn is rich in oddities that are just a couple quid and is well worth a visit


Address: 12 London Rd, L3 5NF

Pritchards Bookshop

The slashing of book prices from well known supermarkets and online retailers meant Steve Pritchard’s Formby branch had to sadly close in 2011. Like every good story, Steve rose out of the ashes, to give the big boys a run for their money. The Crosby outlet is always hosting regular nights where authors will visit and he has set up a supply service to local schools. At the heart of both Crosby’s community and the bookshop community, we think Steve isn’t too far from his very own happy ending.


Address: 13 Liverpool Rd, L23 2SE