Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile is upon us and the theme for the coming months is “comfort”.

The leaves are turning brown and the air is relentlessly crisp; autumn is here. As the cold wind blows and we all get ill and we go on to tell people “there’s something going around” without not actually knowing of anything going round, we all need to put on a couple layers of fat to get through the winter months. Restaurants are ditching the summer salads and replacing it with food that warms the belly and the soul and sticks to your ribs. Comfort food manages to transcend you back to a happier time through food and we hope to take you there with these plates of food.

Free State Kitchen – Clam Chowder

Filled with clams, diced potatoes, smoked bacon and a creamy chowder that is so good we’d bathe in it, this is the definition of comfort. Born in New Orleans but brought over to the North-West, go warm your belly.


Maggie Mays – Scouse

There’s no taste like home. You can tell its a good pan of scouse if it sticks to your ribs. We’re in no doubt Mum’s of Liverpool do it best but Maggie Mays are the home of scouse. Now just decide between red cabbage and beetroot.


Delifonseca – Bangers and Mash with Beer Gravy

For us, autumn can be summed up with a big bowl of bangers and mash. Delifonseca’s version is right up there with your Ma’s. The quality of those sausages mixed with beer gravy is an absolute experience.


Salt House Bacaro – Beef Shin Lasagne

A lasagne’s layers are a sight to behold and this one doesn’t disappoint. Usually, the crispy edges are the best bit of any lasagne but every bit is the best with this one.


Raggas – West Indian Style Curry

Add a bit of Caribbean sunshine to your life with Raggas incredible West Indian style curry with a sauce so good we’d replace our taps with it. It carries a hint of spice that’ll get you through this British weather.


Miyagi – Twice Pork Ramen

There’s nothing more comforting than a big bowl of broth. Actually, there is. Add pulled pork, crispy belly pork, veggies and a slow poached egg.


The Italian Club – Spicy Sausage Penne

The Italian Club hand make their spicy Italian sausages every single day and you can taste the effort and love that has gone into them.


Filter & Fox – The Reuben

There’s no better sight than melted Swiss cheese cascading down the side of perfectly toasted rye bread with some corned beef, Russian dressing and gherkins.


Cooper’s Coffee Shop – Welsh Rarebit

Dear arteries, we’re so sorry. This rarebit is so x-rated it should come with a parental advisory warning. There’s also bacon somewhere underneath all that oozy goodness.


Camp and Furnace – Sunday Roast

Sunday’s are for roasting, not resting. Go in hungry and leave full with new friends.


The Egg – Soup and Toastie

Autumn without soup is criminal. Like there genuinely should be a law against it. Whilst we’re on about laws, people who don’t dip their toastie into their soup should be facing legal action too.


Rookwood – Sticky Board

Who doesn’t love staring at a mountain of meat covered in sweet and sticky sauce? This will definitely get you at least 11 likes on Instagram.

sticky board

Manzo – Nutella Calzone

Did you just drool? Listen, wipe yourself up and keep scrolling. We’re all friends here, we’re not going to judge.


Button Street Smokehouse – Spicy Seafood Gumbo 

Gumbo is a stew or soup that originated in southern Louisiana during the 18th century but Button Street Smokehouse’s 21st century version does it incredible justice. This is everything you’ve ever wanted and more.


Homebaked Anfield – Klopp Pie

You know you’ve made it when there’s a pie named after you. Check out the ‘Klopp Pie’, it’s full of peppered steak, German beer, onion, gherkin, capers and potatoes.


Slim’s Pork Chop Express – Chicken & Waffles

Chicken and waffles is classic American comfort food and Slim’s do the states proud. Don’t even think about choosing savoury, choose sweet and drench that bad boy in maple syrup.

chicken and wafflez

Squidges – Salted caramel, peanut butter and chocolate tiffin

The layers to this are stunning. This tiffin is prettier than we’ll ever be. The chocolate mosaic on top is truly hypnotic. 


Mowgli – Curry Roulette

Six different types of curry and rice, this is sheer culinary jeopardy and a delightful insight into the true India. Think tapas but with pimped up rice. 


Tavern – Pancakes and Bacon

Three of the thickest, stickiest and tastiest pancakes you’ll ever taste. Tavern Co is truly a special place to start the day.


Tribeca – Baked Cheesecake

The cheesecake from Tribeca is literally moan out loud worthy. Even looking at it makes us emotional.


Bakchich – Veggie Mezze

There’s something wildly satisfying about the word mezze. It is fun to say and even better to eat.


Epicured – Bacon, Dark Chocolate, Fig Relish.

Cheese, fig relish, back bacon and shavings of dark chocolate on top. Sweet, salty, creamy, cheesy and bound to make your day.


Portland St – Jam Doughnut Sandwich

This doughnut sandwich is not for the faint hearted. It is so right in a really wrong kind of way and one of these will leave you basking on the couch like a woozy sea lion.


Blind Tiger – Sunday Roast

Only a real maverick would ever try mess with a Sunday roast but Blind Tiger have our blessing for their Asian version. That gravy is beyond words.

sunday roast

Nolita Cantina – Fried Chicken Po’ Boy

Po’ boys started in Louisiana but are now famous world-wide and it’s creators would revel in the sight and taste of Nolita Cantina’s version. You just know that sauce is a game changer.

southern fried chicken

Amalia – Carbonara Pizza

We’ve all been confronted with the hard choice of choosing pizza or pasta and now you can enjoy both in fabulous circular fashion.


Attic – French Dog

You either love hot dogs or you’re wrong. The French gruyere cheese dog is so delicious but the cheese filled hot dog is the definition of the naughtiness.


P & D Deli – Gelato

True foodies don’t care what month it is, they’ll pick up the biggest spoon in sight and dive first with reckless abandon into a Mt Everest landscape of gelato. 


Bistro Franc – French Beouf Bourguignon

This one skillet possesses more French beef than the whole national Rugby team combined. We’re still not entirely sure how to pronounce dauphinoise potatoes but who the hell cares when it tastes this good.


Moon and Pea – Fabulous Hot Chocolate

Not technically a plate of food but definitely worthy of making the list. That hot chocolate is bigger than our future and it has Malteasers and pieces of Mars bar on it.


Lunya – Chorizo Sliders

These bite-sized chorizo sliders are not only delicious but eating them makes us feel like a giant. Don’t pretend like you won’t do the same. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 17.46.47

Laura’s Little Bakery – Cake

Chocolate peanut butter red velvet cake. All the words you want to hear in autumn but not enough chocolate if you ask us. Grab a slice from Berry & Rye or Filter & Fox. 


Otto’s – Nutella S’mores

The tomato and cheese has been swapped with Nutella and burnt marshmallow pieces and we’re completely fine with that.

nutellapizza (1)

Grove – Pizza Chips

Taking chips, covering it in marinara sauce, green peppers, pepperoni and mozzarella might be the best use of the humble potato we’e ever seen.

pizza chipzzz

Neon Jamon – Egg and Straw Fries

Scousers aren’t shy to the sight of egg and chips but this is a slightly better version. Like egg and chips but with self esteem. Paprika covered eggs with straw fries; simple, delicious and so comforting.

eggs and staw

LEAF – Sharing Platter

Autumn is a good time to share with loved ones and there’s no better sight than a board covered in meats, cheeses, olives and of course, a glass of wine.


Baltic Social – Sticky Toffee Pudding

The only date we’ve had this year. Does this count as one of your five a day? If not, that sponge is so moist literally nobody cares. We never want it to end.


Buyers Club – Pig Cheek Hash

In one little pan lays sheer happiness. Pig cheek might not be everyone’s cup of tea but this will swing you. It comes with leeks, shallots, hash and a perfect fried egg just waiting for you to dip something in.


Meat Factory – Duck Fries

Tender duck, crispy onions, hoi sin sauce and spring onion on top of fries. Need we say any more?


The Hub – Steak and Ale Pie

No comfort food article would be fit without the words “steak”, “ale” and “pie” present and lucky for us, this pie hits all three buzzwords in one delicious slice.


Love & Rockets – Boss Hog

The asymmetry in this oblong pizza is a sign of sheer quality. Lashings of melt-in-the-mouth pork shoulder with red onions and drizzled BBQ sauce.

received_853259081439735 (1)

Host – Pumpkin Curry

Autumn is the time we sneak pumpkin into near enough everything. Bin that soya pumpkin latte in your hand and go get a proper pumpkin fix from HOST.

image1 (3)

Yardbird – Five Knuckle Shuffle

Anything followed by the words “deep fried” is a winner for the autumn months but this combination is something else. Deep fried banana, fried chicken and a waffle, all stacked on top of each other like a culinary Tetris. Dig in.


Pinch – Ham Hock

Ham hock and pea terrine on deliciously soft focaccia bread with piccalilli and pork scratchings. All sorts of British delights but displayed differently.


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