Is it ok to like cheese more than most people?

We were going to start this blog with a pun but we thought it might be too cheesy. Un-brie-leavable. Cheese, glorious cheese – it makes us smile and that might be why we say it before getting our photo taken. Research suggests addiction to cheese is similar to that of hard drugs so do read with caution. This is for the 1am cheese and cracker snackers. The people who order a cheese board for dessert with no plans on sharing. The people who can’t quite find the joy they do in anything, but a big block of yellowy heaven. We feel you. More than you could ever know.

Cheese lovers – this one is for you:

Treat Yourself To A Cheese Membership

Monthly bags of cheese that change every month with recipes and more from the wonderful Liverpool Cheese Company. More info here.

Order A Cheese Wedding Cake

If there’s anything that could get us over our crippling fear of commitment its this cheese wedding cake from Liverpool Cheese Company. More here.

Join A Cheese School

Liverpool Cheese Company host regular cheese schools around Liverpool’s wonderful independents. Learn about cheese, taste cheese and have a dram of whisky to wash it down. Info here.

Order This Cheese toast with a cheese river

A cheese river, you say? Wouldn’t mind dipping our toes in that. Not literally. Maybe literally.

Grab A Portion Of Halloumi Fries

Deep fried cheese – how could it not be good? Head down to Baltic Market and aim for Hafla Hafla.

Go Visit Dafna’s Cheesecake Factory

40 years in the business of making cheesecake. She must be doing something right.

Scran These Garlic and parmesan fries From Koop

Garlic? Good. Parmesan? Good. Fries? Goood.

Visit A Shop Dedicated Entirely To Cheese

The Liverpool Cheese Company in Woolton Village may look small but inside boasts the biggest cheese selection in Liverpool. It’s truly wonderful.

Feast Your Eyes on Pizza Fries

Pizza and fries had a baby and we’re totally in love with the results at Portland St 358.

Take A Bite Of Halloumi tacos

Minted guacamole, pineapple salsa and a hunk of halloumi. That’s a perfect bite, Lucha Libre.

Spend The Evening With A Cheese Board

Chees, chutneys and crackers – the triple C equation for happiness. Check our ultimate cheese board guide here.

Give The Gift Of A Cheese Hamper

Can you think of anything else you’d rather receive? Head to Liverpool Cheese Company, Delifonseca or Lunya Deli and they’ll look after you.

Say Hello To Halloumi pizza

The legends at American Pizza Slice decided their regular cheese pizza needed more cheese so added Halloumi. God bless ‘em. For other boss pizzas, read here

Head To Sound On Duke Street for pizza And Unlimited prosecco

Every single Friday the wonderful worlds of pizza and prosecco collide and it’s up to you to decide when the prosecco stops.

Take An Afternoon To Eat This Baked Camembert in Sourdough at Coast

Face Dive Into Canada’s National Dish

Caribou Poutine have a brought a slice of Canada to Liverpool and we’re thankful everyday for it. Cheese curds, gravy and hand cut fries – drunk or sober, these are a winner.

Fall In Love With The Reuben Sandwich At Nolita Cantina

This is the kinda sandwich you need to eat alone and have a private moment with.

Tuck In To An Award-Winning Pie

Get yourself to Homebaked Anfield for the steak and cheese pie of dreams.

Cheese And Board Games At Petit Cafe Du Poin

Chess and cheese – an unlikely combo you’ll thank us for later.

Experience Himalayan cheese on toast

Your regular cheese on toast will never be the same again. Thanks, Mowgli.

Get Dipping These Halloumi Nuggets

Like chicken nuggets but with cheese – what’s not to like? Get to Yard & Coop for these.

Take A Moment To Yourself With This Cheesy Garlic Bread

Head down to Pasta Cosa on Castle St and order this bad boy.  

Garlic Cheese Dough Balls SANTA MALUCO

The most Instagrammable side you ever did see.

Order A Slice of Happiness At Filter & Fox

Laura’s Little Bakery is well known for whipping up a storm but this peanut butter cheesecake might be her best work yet. Goes cracking with a coffee.

Experience The Nduja Mac and cheese fried chicken From Bacaro

No need to adjust your screen or book yourself in to an optician, this indeed does exist. Head to their restaurant on Castle St to try it immediately.

Experience Little Furnace’s Wood-Fired Pizza

Neapolitan style wood-fired pizzas – there’s nothing truly like them. Grab it from Baltic Market or their Smithdown Rd shop.

Spice Up Your Lunch With A GRILLED CHEESE

Toasties, grilled cheeses, panini’s – whatever you call them, we don’t deserve them. The crispy cheese on the side is what life is all about. More here.

Moan out Loud After Sipping A Lemon CHEESECAKE COCKTAIL

The lines between a cocktail and religious experienced are blurred after one sip of this Lemon cheesecake cocktail

Scare Your Hangover Away With The Coopers Coffee Shop Welsh Rarebit

Take two pieces of toast, cover it in bacon and a cheese sauce and whack it under the grill and something miraculous happens. 

Take On This Calzone

Recently awarded the best pizza in England, Amalia have a calzone food challenge people all over the world come to try. Think you can defeat it?

Support Your Local Farmers Market

Around the city there’s monthly farmers markets that you should definitely support. More than likely a cheese stall will be there and it’s your duty to find them.

Devour This Meaty Cheeseburger

Everyone has their favourite burger place and we’re not here to sway you otherwise. Check our list here for some of the best places in Liverpool to get your burger-fix.

And This Meatless Version From Down The Hatch

Liverpool’s premiere veggie and vegan junk food bunker is slinging out these cheesy bad boys.

Not cheesed out yet? Try Take Down The Mac And Cheese Fried Chicken Taco at Pattersons

Fancy saving money at places like Cheese & Co, Liverpool Cheese Company, Santa Maluco, Down the Hatch and over 100 more independents? Get yourself an Independent Liverpool card. For just £10 for one or £15 for two you can eat, drink and shop at some of the city’s best independents and save some money a long the way for a whole year. Save money, shop local – what’s not to like? Grab yours here.