We don’t remember signing up to this whole “being an adult” thing. Where do we resign?

Getting old is basically just getting angry about not being invited to something you wouldn’t go to in the first place and defining things as cosmopolitan without ever knowing the true definition. Bills, washing clothes and pretending to know which knives and forks to use at fancy restaurants, it can all get very overwhelming. Sometimes you just want to forget the world of being an adult, even if it is just for a few hours and we’ve compiled a list on how to do so and it involves more than “napping”. Whilst we’re at it, let’s start a campaign to get Whacky Warehouse back. Here’s a few ways to let your hair down that’ll keep you on the straight and narrow. From activities that’ll give you a big slice of nostalgia to morning raves, here’s to a reminder that age is nothing but a number.

Have A Nerf War

Talk about a quite literal blast from the bast. Nerf guns were once an epic part of many childhoods and there’s now a Nerf centre in Liverpool where you can reload that love.The Nerf centre is the new brain child of the Ultimate Indoor Paintball Group. We have pulled out all the stops on safety with fully padded crash mat walls, flooring and obstacles ensuring you can do all the commando rolls and army crawls you want. More info here.

Go And Play Dodgeball At A Trampoline Park

As if a trampoline wasn’t fun enough, you can now throw balls at your bezzies whilst being propelled into the air. Angled trampolines and runner tracks are set to create a great space for some serious dodging, non-stop bouncing and crazy court chaos, this game leaves only one winner – are you up for the challenge? players, 12 balls, 2 teams, 1 winner….lets dodgeball! More here.

Strike Lucky At Hollywood Bowl

Oh, c’mon? Who had a birthday here then? We promise, all those years on, it’s just as good. Actually, it’s kinda better. Stain-your-teeth-blue slushies, bright lights, arcade games and good old bowling. Leave your phone in your pocket and have a dance off with your significant other.

Sing Karaoke

Nothing screams “Im sick of being an adult” than a drunken rendition of Forever Young after too much sake. MBox is a Japanese karaoke bar on Renshaw Street raising spirits, glasses and the occasional roof. Head down, get some Sake in you and sing your little heart out. Don’t worry about the tagged photos or snapchats until the morning, this is your night. More info here


Stay Up Late

Remember when you were a kid and the most rebellious thing you could do was stay up past your bed time? Well, now there’s a good reason to do so. Liverpool at night is beautiful – when the streets are empty and the city is illuminated, that private moment can be special. At this time of the year The Albert Dock looks all Christmassy and is the perfect place for a stroll.

Look At This

Sometimes a bit of humour can wash away that day at the office. This has never failed to make us laugh and we’re pretty convinced we’ll never find anything funnier on the Internet. Photo by @catherinedoart


And This

We’d add unwrapping clingfilm to this pie chart.

Climb A Wall

Not just any wall. The Climbing Hangar has over 1000m2 of climbing area and it is so much fun. Go in a group and laugh at your friends, go with a date and try impress them or go on your own and pretend you’re Spider Man. More info here


Rave In The Morning

Morning Gloryville provide the perfect platform to rave your way into the day. It is an immersive morning dance experience for those who dare to start their day in style. The guys are on a soul-shaking mission to turn clubbing upside down and transform mornings into something truly remarkable, and you’re invited Expect vibrant colours, people and dance moves. More info here


Go To A Home Alone Themed Bar

No, we’re not pulling your cracker – this is really about to happen. Ghetto Golf have just released tickets for their Home Alone themed bar that has swept the nation. Inside Cains Brewery Village you’ll find vintage warehouses, food markets, crazy golf and more. But it’s about to get A LOT better. Say hello to the Home Alone Christmas Bar – the dream you never even realised that is about to come true on the 5th of December.

Get Your Console Out

For us, nothing says celebrating your youth than whacking out an old school console. Blowing your cartridge, that noise the PS1 made when loading up and the electrifying Blanka. What a time to be alive. There’s a few places, including Sound on Duke Street and Roast Coffee Kitchen that do old school game consoles night. Winner stays on.

Head To A Pop-Up Pug Cafe

A much-anticipated visit to the north is finally here. Pug Cafe & HUS on Tithebarn Street are excited to invite pugs, pug crosses, and their humans to visit their Pug Cafe on the 10th of January for an event no-one will forget in a hurry. Dogs and coffee – our two favourite things combine in one of our favourite places in Liverpool. Doesn’t get better than that. More here.

Eat Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. A new ice cream parlour launched in Liverpool a few months ago at the majestic Calderstones park and there’s flavours galore. There’s nothing that quite says “I’m giving up on being an adult for today” than tucking into your body weight in ice cream with a ladle-like spoon. Find out more about it here.


Play Pinball

The days of arcades have sadly declined but like all once popular things, they get another chance. There’s a few places in Liverpool to get engrossed within the world of arcade. Pinball machines, Pacman and the rest. Who remembers that game where you would drop 2p’s in the hope it’d push lots of other 2p’s over the edge? That must have been the first and last purpose 2p’s ever had. Baltic Social have some and Brewdog host pinball tournaments and have Sega Rally.


Go On An Adventure

Think you’ve done Liverpool? Think again. A good way to tour a city is through its independents and we recommend checking out Liverpool’s bookshops. This city loves its literature and we’ve got some awesome places where you can grab your next page turner. Check out our bookshop blog here.


Play A Real Life Crystal Maze

Have you heard of the Exit Strategy Game yet? There are many rooms and within each room is a story. You’ll have to find hidden objects and clues in order to crack the codes in this afternoon of part theatre part puzzle experience. Unfortunately, the old bald presenter is no longer available and there is no catching flying money at the end but fun all the same. More info here

exit strategy

Eat This Pizza

Not your regular pizza by any means. Otto’s Pizza are doing a pretty spectacular Nutella and S’mores pizza that’ll make you feel like you’re sat around a fire at a camp star gazing as a child. The reality is that you’ll be half naked on the couch eating enough of the pizza to disgust yourself for the remainder of the evening but that isn’t the point.


Visit An Old School Cinema

Woolton Cinema (also known as Woolton Picture House) has held a place in the people of Liverpool’s hearts since 1927. Not far off the incredible century but doesn’t look a day over 21 if you ask us. It is the only remaining single-screen cinema in the city, and is popular with cinema enthusiasts because of its old-fashioned atmosphere. The music of Mantovani plays before the main programme and in the traditional halfway interval, during which ice cream can be bought from usherettes. A simple yet beautiful part that adds to the experience of the cinema.

Eat This

Portland St 358 on Smithdown is a relatively new eatery but already seems to be a fan favourite amongst the masses. Whilst they’ve become famous for a certain Jam Doughnut sandwich, less homage has been paid to their “screwball”. It is basically your childhood x 1000 piled high. Not one adult thought enters the brain whilst eating this so remember to embrace. Bubble gum and vanilla ice cream, strawberry sauce, whipped cream and a massive chewy.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 15.08.12

Play Bingo

Bingo? That’s an old person thing isn’t it? Well, not this version. Jonny Bongo hosts the most outrageous bingo known to man every Thursday at Camp and Furnace. Expect impromptu raves, dance offs and prizes so bad they’re good. Bongo’s Bingo turns a predisposed evening of bingo on its head and we promise you that you’ll love every second. More info here


photo by Alex Alderdice

Wake Board

Yes, wake boarding. No you don’t have to be at Gold Coast to surf the waves, we have our very own here. There’s a mini track of obstacles to skim round and is the most fun way to enjoy the docks. The best thing is, it is one of those sports that you can be completely god-awful at and still have fun. Maybe even more so than the pros. More info here


Play Board Games

There are a few places around the city stocking box shaped relics of a much simpler time. Sugar and Dice – one of the city’s first board gaming cafe’s is an awesome place for this. They’ve got some serious games, too. Imagine Cluedo, Scrabble, Monopoly and more with an alcoholic beverage to the side. Just make sure there is a sober person at all times as double vision can make Connect 4 a nightmare. By the way, who remembers Buckaroo?


Show Your Competitive Side At Crazy Golf

If you’re yet to hear about Ghetto Golf, where on Earth have you been? It’s the new urban 18-hole wonderland in the iconic Cains Brewery even your Nan has heard about. Leave your washing for another day and navigate your way around the old Cains Brewery warehouse. Book here.

Drink A Milkshake

We hate it when we’re innocently drinking a milkshake and all the boys come to the yard. If you don’t want the same problem, we’d say leave it to the professionals. We’ve rounded up some of the best milkshakes in the city that you can read here. It will take you back to your childhood. The only difference is, some of them even have alcohol in. Well, we didn’t say being an adult was all bad.

Ride A Bike

A happy childhood was one spent on a bike. The open road, the sense of freedom and the delight of adventure. You might not have the hair for the wind to go through these days but you should still definitely ride a bike. Rent a city bike for the day and travel Liverpool with it. There’s a ride from Otterspool to Albert Docks, along the River Mersey that’ll make you forget bills exist. More info here


Go Skateboarding

We all had a time in our life where we thought we were going to be the next Tony Hawk. Those guys on the YouTube videos make it look so easy. Whether you can kick flip or not, head down to Liverpool’s skate park in the heart of the Baltic Triangle for an afternoon of haphazardness. Remember to wear a helmet!


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