We miss our pubs. We miss our pints. But the good times will roll again…

That first sip on a sunny afternoon, your favourite draft at 5 on a Friday, a half time round with your mates, and the solo bev that clears your head… we miss them all and we miss all the places that make them special. We’re blessed with some of the best pubs in the land to grab a pint in, so let’s dream of savouring our first and regretting our last when they open their doors again. 

This is just 21 pubs in Liverpool – we’re aware there are so many more but here is just a taster of some we can’t wait to get back to soon:

The Ship and Mitre 

Pints don’t come much better than those in the Ship and Mitre. The Dale Street mainstay is the home of real ale and we can’t wait to get slightly confused at the massive range of casks and kegs – especially after a pint of Delirium…

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Address: 133 Dale St, Liverpool L2 2JH

The Dovey 

Ah The Dovey, sorry Dovedale Towers, the name may change but the quality beer and atmosphere never do. Whether it’s matchday pints or sunny outdoor beers, a couple at the Dovey never disappoints – and if it’s good enough for Klopp it’s good enough for us.

Address: 60 Penny Ln, Liverpool L18 1DG

The Philharmonic

We’ve all been stuck in our (small) four walls sipping distinctly average pints, so when we’re let loose we can’t wait for a pint with a side order of grandeur in the Phil. We’ll savour the wood panelling, the quality beer, and even a trip to the loo…

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Address: 36 Hope St, Liverpool L1 9BX

Roscoe Head 

There’s a reason the Roscoe Head is the only pub in the North West to have featured in every edition of the Good Beer Guide since it was published in 1974. The pint is guaranteed to be good and the craic’s always top notch too.

Address: 24 Roscoe St, Liverpool L1 2SX

Peter Kavanagh’s 

Ah Peter Kavanagh’s where the conversation flows as easily as the pints. We’re counting down the days till we can wander in to one of our most eclectic watering holes and hear the stories it’s been storing up over the past year.

Address: 2-6 Egerton St, Liverpool L8 7LY

Baltic Fleet

Why does lager taste better in the sunshine? We’re dreaming of sunny days down by the Dock Road, pint of the Baltic’s finest in hand watching the world go by. 

Address: 33A Wapping, Liverpool L1 8DQ

The Caledonia

We long for a trip to the ‘Peoples pub’. To get a side order of vegan junk food with our pint, to chat to the dogs, hear some great music and watch the day slowly sink away. 

Address: 22 Caledonia St, Liverpool L7 7DX

Thomas Rigbys / Lady of Mann

Strictly speaking two pubs, but if you can resist popping into both you’re stronger than us. The big courtyard is one of our favourite summer spots and when the inevitable rain hits there’s loads of room inside to protect your pint.

Address: 19 Dale St, Liverpool L2 2EZ

The Grapes 

As one of the oldest pubs in the city, The (little) Grapes has weathered many a storm and always comes back full of spirit and with an interesting local pint or two on the taps. We can’t wait to get our hands on them.

Address: 60 Roscoe St, Liverpool L1 9DW

The Lisbon 

Nights out, remember them? Equal parts old-school Victorian boozer and sticky carpeted party palace, a pint in the Lisbon can be lively, eclectic and loud, but we’re here for it, just as soon as we get the green light…

Address: Lisbon Buildings, 35 Victoria St, Liverpool L1 6BG

The Belvedere

A Georgian Quarter institution tucked away and seemingly trapped in time, we long for  pints of stout by the open fire, grabbing a spec on the cobbles for a cold one, and finding new favourites from a local microbrewery or two.

Address: 5 Sugnall St, Liverpool L7 7EB


Shenanigans by name, shenanigans by nature. There’s a good argument that this is one of the best pints of Guinness in the city. Guess you’ll have to decide for yourself. 

Address: 77 Tithebarn St, Liverpool L2 2EN

Love and Rockets

Lark Lane takes on a whole new vibe when the sun shines, so if the Love and Rockets garden with a pint of guest ale and some nachos on the side is as far as we can travel this year we’ll still summer happy.

Address: 52 Lark Ln, Liverpool L17 8UU

Ye Cracke 

With a snug, ‘war room’ and zero TV screens in sight, pubs don’t come more old school than Ye Cracke. Packed with character inside and a surprisingly big courtyard outside, it’s a go to come rain or shine.

Address: 13 Rice St, Liverpool L1 9BB

The Pilgrim 

Off the wall characters and a slightly divey vibe, a pint in the Pilgrim is always a fun and slightly unpredictable one and this summer we can’t wait to be soaking it all in from a courtyard spec.

Address: 34 Pilgrim St, Liverpool L1 9HB

The Dispensary 

A lovely modern pub on Renshaw Street that is a great place to catch up with friends, order some sweet golden nectar and catch the footy. 

Address: 87 Renshaw St, Liverpool L1 2SP

Ma Egerton’s Stage Door 

Grab a pint, a bowl of the famous scouse and settle in for a few hours at Ma Egerton’s. It’s a city institution that’s seen loads of famous faces over the years and hosts a killer quiz too.  

Address: 9 Pudsey St, Liverpool L1 1JA

Lion Tavern 

Life is good when you’ve got a pint of something cold in your hand, you’ve lined up the tunes on the Lion jukebox and you’ve bagged a prime spot in one of the salons to have some quality time with one of the best pork pies in town.

Address: 67 Moorfields, Liverpool L2 2BP 

Pogue Mahone

Guinness, a roaring fire and live music. You had us at Guinness. Seel Street’s famous Irish bar is back with some new owners and we’ve never been so happy to see it open. Slainte! 

Address: 67 Moorfields, Liverpool L2 2BP

Handyman Pub 

Bring on the Smithdown all-dayers, we’re fired up for pints of the Handyman’s finest, and the inevitable stumble the Brookie, for old time’s sake… come on we’ve all earned it. 

Address: 461 Smithdown Rd, Liverpool L15 3JL

The Globe

Cases Street is home to a beloved pub called The Globe – where beer, cocktails and more are served in a 19th-century pub with dark-wood wainscoting and a sloping floor. It’s intimate and atmospheric. 

Address: 17 Cases St, Liverpool L1 1HW

Words by Angela Barlow