Article upon article about Liverpool have flooded the papers and consequently near enough every inhabitant of Liverpool’s social media.

It would seem everyone is keeping a keen eye on our city. Scousers and adopted-scousers alike have always had an intrinsic civic pride, what people first assumed was a chip on our shoulder has slowly revealed itself as a burning love for our city and the people that occupy it day in, day out. There is a buzz in the city right now, Liverpool feels as if it is on the cusp of a renaissance and everybody here would back us up on that. Summer time is the only time you’ll hear someone from Liverpool mention the sun and as we edge closer to it, the excitement in the streets seems to increase. People are slowly accessorising in accordance with this, sunglasses have had the dust wiped off the lenses and finally been given a use and jeans are slowly being swopped for shorts. People finally have an excuse to get that pesky puncture fixed on their bike and all of us are frantically searching for the nearest beer garden to soak up the rays. We tried to encapsulate exactly why Liverpool feels electric and considering 60% of articles that are published now are obscure ramblings with a odd list attached to it, we thought we’d follow suit. We were going to do 29 ways to cook 1 minute rice in under a minute but we thought 15 reasons to love Liverpool would probably get a better reaction.

1. Football

Both Merseyside teams are kicking the pigskin around extremely well this year and I think we can all agree they have outperformed themselves in the league and it’s a wonderful sight for Reds, Blues and neutrals alike.

2. The International Festival for Business (IFB)

The largest global concentration of business events and is a 50-day festival that spans across 7 weeks in June and July and will attract hundreds of the most important decision-makers and most influential people in the world will be in Liverpool.

3. JFT96

The 25th anniversary of 96 Liverpool fans not returning was another emotional reminder of our city’s defiance, persistence and passion. A poetic reminder that they messed with the wrong city and the search for justice continues whilst others would have given up a long time ago.


4. Baltic Triangle

It feels as if the city centre has expanded over night and the juxtaposition of steely grey industry side by side with colourful, modern buildings is brilliant. Whatever the exterior, be safe in the knowledge what is happening inside the buildings will be nothing short of spectacular.


5. Bold Street

With the news of Bold Street having its best year so far and 11 new independents emerging in the last year, it is safe to say it has captured the hearts of many scousers and to many would be a worthy winner of the proposed title of “Best Street In Liverpool”.

6. The Everyman

The Everyman is back and it is more beautiful than ever. Both inside and outside, it is architecturally stunning and, although Liverpool isn’t exactly lacking in culture and theatre, the Everyman certainly is welcome home.

7. Liverpool Craft Beer Expo

The guys behind the Liverpool Craft Beer Expo are returning this year in the wonderful Camp & Furnace to put beer in the hands of thousands of people and redefine what beer is to you. There’ll be no grumpy old men drinking halves of Tetley’s here, people of all walks of life will be clinking real ales.

8. Bombed Out Church

Although rumours about the bombed out-church being sold off were revealed as false, the idea of it being sold brought us closer together. Over 20k signatures were signed as the news hit the papers that it could be sold and although it was never going to go, I think we all appreciate it a bit more.


9. Liverpool Sound City

The amazing and award winning music festival over the course of a 1st-3rd of May begins and they have some huge headliners. If the weather keeps how it is, it’ll be a good one.

10. Third Best Destination

According to the guys and girls at Rough Guides Liverpool is the third best destination to visit in 2014. We’d still argue for Gold but Bronze will do – for now!

11. LightNight Liverpool

16th May is the fifth return of the wonderful LightNight festival that attracted over 40,000 visitors last year. It’d probably take less time to discuss the things that won’t happen but there will be lots of street performances, exhibition launches and boogying until the sun goes down.

12. Booming Business

Independents seem to be sprouting up all over the city but it is not just those serving food and drink. There are design companies such as Smiling Wolf and creative agencies such as GIVE ME SOUL that are inspiring creative agencies to flourish and all are consequently proudly putting our city on the map.

13. Bars

We’ve never been short of places to drink in Liverpool and the list of places available seems to increase every day. Whether it be an ‘old fashioned’ in the mysterious Berry & Rye or a cocktail in Motel or Jenny’s, the list is endless for places to end up having a drink in. Let’s not forget Salt Dog Slims, Heebie Jeebies and the rest. Liverpool definitely isn’t short of hidden gems with a speakeasy feel.

14. Pubs

Pubs are sadly a dying breed, about 28 close a week and some cities no longer have a local boozer. During times of sun we reignite our love for pubs. Liverpool has never been short of boss pubs and if you are in need of a few shandy’s, The Baltic Fleet, Caledonia and Peter Kavanaghs are just a few of the incredible selection on offer.

15. Independents

The Guardian recently produced guide to Liverpool in which they shouted out a select few of the wonderful independents we have. That, combined with Camp & Furnace being named coolest bar according to the aptly named Independent, emphasizes that it’s been a good year for independents. The spirit of entrepreneurialism seems to be running high and one of Liverpool’s newest independents East Avenue Bakehouse is a must visit.


The truth is, this list could have been hundreds of reasons longer and we are confident there are loads of great things we’ve missed out. But, can’t we all agree that we only need one reason to love Liverpool? The simple truth that it is amazing all the time. We worry our love for the city could come across preachy and similar to the guy who stands on Church Street with a bible in hand doing the Lord’s work but Liverpool feels pretty special and we’re proud onlookers of its transformation. We constantly have people, places, businesses, and stories giving us an abundance of city pride and we’re confident you, your neighbour and that guy down the street will give us material to write and pride to feel forever more.