10 reasons to be excited for the Summer Cinema

Its one of our favourite times of the year – the days are long, the nights are warm and we are back at the Bombed out Church playing your favourite movies. Just to help you get even more excited, here are our 10 reasons why we love this event!

1- Its in the best location 

The bombed out church is always one of out favourite places to visit. This beautiful open air church has hosted many events and its easy to see why! when the sun shines through the trees and floods the floor it really is the most beautiful venue!

2-  we are showing the best movies

we asked you guys what you wanted to see and you delivered!
From pretty woman, top gun and even shrek you guys love good hollywood movies and we do to! 

Click here to see full film line-up! 

3- its family friendly 

We have held these events before and we think cinema should be enjoyed by everyone! So over 80% of the movies we are showing are suitable for little ones! BRING THE WHOLE FAMILY!

4- showing films from 70/80/90/00

Ok, we think movies peaked in the 90/00s and the decades leading up to that where pretty iconic too!
Greece, Back to the Future, The Goonies! They don’t make then like they used too!

5- you can bring a date 

The classic date night is a visit to the cinema and with some of the best rom-com – notting hill and when harry met sally  under a summer sky, this would be a date night to remember! Extra browny point to you who go see top gun for a date! 10/10!

6- there will be tasty food 

we don’t think the cinema is complete without some tasty grub to go with is! So the bombed out church have found the best hotdogs for you! – with loaded hot dogs and sharing nachos. Don’t forget sweets – I love some pick and mix at the cinema thats sorted too!

7- there will be great drinks (for grown ups too) 

I’m a sucker for a big drink when i go the cinema but i’m also keen on an ice cold adult drink in the sun! With the best of both worlds sipping on a gin and tonic while watching a movie is a dream! The bar is fully stocked with hot/cold and adult drinks that you can order direct to your seat!

8- it’s on all week 

we all live busy lives and not all of us are lucky enough to have weekend off, so from friday 1st – thursday 7th you will be able to catch these amazing movies. There are 2 showings a day so even better for you to get to see these big screen classic!

9- you can bring the kids (to most)

with shrek, back to the future, the goonies and school of rock we want you to be able to enjoy your favourite movies with your little ones! – don’t forget to check the rating for all these films before you buy!

10- there are still tickets left! 

you still have time to grab tickets, bring your mum, your dad, your kids and enjoy a completely different event this summer!


full line-up and tickets here!