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Behind one Red Door lies an endless amount of possibilities. Kind of like Narnia but with a lot more alcohol.


Liverpool’s nightlife is nothing short of spectacular and whilst revellers of the night congregate in their masses on Seel Street, there’s another street that is becoming popular. Well, it is just over the road. Berry Street has come alive with great venues recently. Head to Tribeca for love at first slice, Berry and Rye for a prohibition-inspired cocktail, Roja Pinchos for a Spanish smorgasbord and to Rack & Dollar to name your own burger. If all that wasn’t good enough, enter Red Door. But don’t be mistaken, Red Door isn’t like the others.


The beautiful building in which Red Door resides was left empty for what seemed an eternity. Previously “The Met”, it was a place where the post pre-drinks took place before the post pre-drink, drinks happened. Following? The place was a bit grubby, bit edgy and had the feeling something a bit uncouth could happen at any moment. That, of course, was all part of the charm. Sadly it closed but Red Door have now taken over and are offering Liverpool unique cocktails with theatrical elements. A far cry from what once was. There’s definitely an argument for filtering the unnecessary out of the chic-bars sprouting up at the moment but where’s the fun in ordinary?



One step inside and you’ll stand ant-like in front of the towering display of spirits. There’s everything you can imagine. One thing Red Door really wanted to do was intrigue and excite customers with each drink. “Rise and Shine” is one of their most popular cocktails as it arrives with a smoking effect using dry ice for the theatrical element. Our favourite has to be the “Bakewell Sour”. An infusion of chambord, amaretto, lemon juice & egg white served with a nostalgic garnish. If you don’t fall drunk in love with the unique cocktails, fear not, there is something for everyone.




It isn’t all about the drink, either. There are weekly performances by renowned and up and coming talent, as well as live DJs. They also team up with the likes of Liverpool Gin to hold gin tasting and master classes and local restaurants to put on gourmet BBQ’s. There seems to always be a brilliant atmosphere inside and each visit is guaranteed fun, with a little help from their photo booth. Remember, a drunken photo booth picture isn’t just for Red Door, they put those pictures on Facebook. As if hangovers weren’t hard enough, your heart can sink as you receive that dooming tagged photo notification. Like them on Facebook (if you dare see yourself in the booth) and follow them on Twitter.