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Just like friends and loved ones, shops come and go and its rare that one sticks around for more than three decades. But Mattas is that rare place that has stood the test of time and probably does feel like a loved one to the many people of Liverpool.

Matta’s, located on Bold Street, is Liverpudlian’s go to choice for international, vegan and health foods. Funnily enough this can be seen on countless episodes of ‘Come Dine With Me’  where hopeful local cooks have proclaimed that Mattas is the best place for those special ingredients to make their dishes that little more extraordinary. Their superfood range is probably the best in the city, too – a handy place to pick up things like wheatgrass, chia seeds and even organic coconut oil. We always seem to find a new ingredient we have never used before when we visit Mattas’s –  you can pick up rare spices from around the globe, foreign delicacies and they also quite possibly have the largest range of Koka noodles we’ve ever laid eyes on (a shout out for all those hungry students out there).


Their focus on specialist, good quality foods that you won’t find anywhere else is a big shift away from the major supermarkets. Their philosophy of concentrating on doing what they do and being the best at what they do makes it a foodie haven; you’re not going to find the notorious Mattas’ secret special curry blend anywhere else in the world. If you go into the store looking for something you can’t find anywhere else and even they don’t stock it, if you ask them to try and procure it then they will go that extra mile for you to get that ingredient. Personally caring about their customers creates a community of food lovers, and in the words of Mattas themselves “communties work because they look after each other”. And it’s true if we all look after each other we can make Liverpool a better place, and eat better food.


We probably all have a story of Mattas it’s been there that long. We were not surprised when the guys at Mattas told us that they seen grown men and women coming into the shop with their children – the same grown men and women who used to come in with their parents when they were little. But this is not surprising as Mattas is  a second generation family run business. It first opened in 1984 in Granby, but relocated to Bold Street after a few years of trading. We hope they remain there for another 30 years.

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