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Meat, cheese and bread. All the ingredients necessary for a happy life.

The Ancient Greek philosopher – Epicurus – thought that the purpose of our time spent on Earth was to attain a happy, tranquil life surrounded by friends. A philosophy we find very agreeable, and one that Epicured definitely subscribe to. This independent eatery, situated on Gradwell Street (sandwiched between Hanover Street and Wolstenholme Square), is the perfect place to meet up and spend whole afternoons and early evenings feasting on signature charcuterie picnic blocks washed down with good wine and artisan craft beers. What’s not to be happy about?


Epicured’s style is relaxed with an industrial feel, full of colour, texture and brimming with offbeat stuff. The striking orange will alert you that you’ve arrived at your destination before Google Maps will and the vibrant facade sets the scene. The street it calls home isn’t one you’d exactly wander down naturally and this only adds to the experience. With the ridiculous amount of interesting objects, trinkets and curios, it would be the ultimate place to lose yourself in a game of Eye Spy where no-one keeps score. From the Sex Pistols Bearbrick, to the rusty metal handmade pig, to the Mickey Mouse on the ceiling, the denim bull, the Life magazine wallpaper, the flowerpot saucers… the list goes on, and you will probably spot something new every time you go in. All these little touches really show the personality and idiosyncrasies of the team, which makes for a completely different dining experience.


The inspiration for the menu is basically what the family team like to eat at home, in the way they like to eat it. There’s a huge Mediterranean influence and homage to overlooked British favourites, with focus on meat, cheese, bread and all the accompaniments served as charcuterie picnic blocks. Don’t worry the fish and vegetarian versions are every bit as tasty. And for when you fancy something different there’s a great list of specials with some dishes that seem totally unique and you will be hard pushed to find anything similar elsewhere in the city. Take the Crayfish with halloumi shards on brioche for example or the maple glazed fried duck eggs with bacon soldiers. Shut up and take our money.


We all know how fashionable it is to arrive late and this was basically how brunch was born. Brunch is also serious business at Epicured, with three egg frittatas, baked in the oven ‘own’ beans topped with a hen’s egg and smashed avocado with a lick of marmite & a crumble of feta. It’s got to be said though, that our favourite dish on the menu is the cheese, fig relish, back bacon with shavings of dark chocolate. Sweet, salty and bound to make you moan out load. It’s so good in fact that it was featured on our ‘35 Plates in Liverpool You Must Try’.


Although their doors have only been open a few months Epicured already feels like a fan favourite slowly cementing its way into the independent scene. Each day new people are discovering it, telling their friends how good it is and returning a few times a week in an attempt to cross every dish off the menu. If you fancy finding out why Epicured is so epic, cardholders get 15% off the bill Tuesday to Friday and 10% off on weekends so make sure you pop in next time you are in the area. But in the meantime, give them a like on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and visit their website to have a look at their menu and be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of dishes you want to dive face first into.