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A quick chinwag with your grandparents and they will romanticise about a time when you got your meat from the butchers, fruit and veg from the green grocer and bread from, of course, the bakery.

They would all be in walking distance of the place where you lay your hat and you wouldn’t be seen as a ‘just a customer’ in the eyes of the owner, you’d be much more than that. The humdrum of the high street has resulted in supermarkets stocking mass-produced bread, full of additives and lacking love. Fluorescent orange packs of Warby’s cascade our cupboards and somehow don’t even flinch after being exposed to the elements for a fortnight. Then, in act of disobedience against the norm, along comes East Avenue Bakehouse, Bold Street’s latest addition adding their very own twist in the plot.


For us at Independent Liverpool, there are few things more exciting than a new independent opening and we highly anticipated our first encounter. Jo and Charlotte, two of the owners, met at the young age of 11 and have been best friends ever since. Jo is originally from Bournemouth and Charlotte from Liverpool but a twist of fate meant they spent a few years in the same school together and lived right around the corner from each other. They both lived on a street called East Avenue back in Bournemouth which was the motivation for the name and we think it is a lovely personal touch that they were able to bring a piece of home with them. Their friendship stood the test of time and Jo would regularly come to visit Charlotte in Liverpool and, just like that old tale we’ve heard so many times but never get tired of hearing; instantly fell in love. Despite having the choice to set up anywhere in the UK and be a success, they chose Liverpool as, like many others, they were confident of the response of the people. They knew they’d be given a chance and they looked no further than Bold Street to set up a shop and call it home. Whilst their bread is definitely the star of the show, their menu is full of delights. Check it out here.


As soon as you walk in, you stand dumbfounded, gasping at how clear and eloquent it is, much to the annoyance of customers entering and leaving because you’re blocking the doorway! A window shoppers peripheral view will be of the freshly baked breads and the mini-allotment of herbs growing happily. It is a stunning, non-arrogant display of their confidence in their fresh products that gives a striking first impression. The whole interior is purposely bright, it is like being inside a greenhouse and the illusion is only broken by the bicycle that hangs from the roof above you, providing an abstract centre piece of the shop. The whole setting is a representation of their journey, they poured their hearts and souls into this bakehouse and the rapturous reality of it is just as beautiful as the sentiment.


On the back of the menu, they proudly present exactly where all their produce is from and you can take comfort in the knowledge that whatever you eat or drink, it can be traced back to equally passionate people. Their house wine is far more spectacular than your regular glass of Echo Falls, they import the wine from family run wineries that have chosen East Avenue as their sole stockist. All their beers are from local micro-breweries and their personal relationship with suppliers puts a profound twist on the experience. We could dedicate this profile to their coffee alone, they get it from a small family run business in Bradford and the smooth roasted bean joining forces with a velvety top that just sticks to the spoon is good enough justification to visit East Avenue Bakehouse alone. We advise that this coffee is best enjoyed whilst sitting down and relaxing with good company, this isn’t a takeaway cup of coffee that you drink in a rush and consequently end up dissatisfied – with severe burns on your tongue.


East Avenue Bakehouse somehow manages to encompass the spirit of independents that we all find so infectious alongside the word community. Not in the naff sense either, but rather in the true sense, which is increasingly rare. The formidable Bold Street has always provided us with great variety and we think in the few weeks that they’ve been open, the people of Liverpool have taken them under the wings of our Liverbirds and they have settled in rather nicely. It is run by incredibly passionate people who genuinely just want people to come and have a good time and we believe their unpretentious approach to things will keep them coming back forever more.