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It’s a place like Bier where the evolution of the beer drinker starts. They enter the pub, walk to the bar and order a Fosters. Everybody in the bar stops and looks at the punter. “Here”, says the barman, “try a proper beer” and hands the punter a Duvel.

A monumental day in the beer drinker’s life, the day he moves on to “the hard stuff”. The home where this all happens is on Newington, just off Bold Street where it has been offering the humble beer drinker an unconventional reside away from the humdrum. With the news of under 800 proper pubs left in the UK, everyone’s local seems to be getting further away. We urge people to look past the two meals for £5 and the glasses of flat Fosters and turn towards places like Bier, where the ancestry of beer is paid homage.


Whilst basing the decor on an original old-school boozer, there are modern twists, especially when it comes to the beverages. Hipster hop, cask ales and beloved bier favourites makeup an assortment of over 80 different kind of tipples in this watering hole with the most mainstream of beer being Heineken. Beer has evolved from something that just used to fill a glass and be waiting for us after work to almost mini pieces of art. Canned ales are the latest fashion and Bier has plenty of them, images of canned beer once sparked off images of rednecks and a bucket full of ice being fashioned as an outside cooler. Modern society has allowed you to be the sophisticated devil you are whilst still having the satisfaction of opening a can of either Sly Fox, Flying Dog and Fruh Kolsch.


Music is at the heart of what Bier do. A tiled wall dedicated to local Liverpool bands reminds the punter the abundance of talent this city actually has. One to nurture home grown talent, Bier is an advocate of playing local artists on their stereo to raise awareness of local   bands and to help spread the word – this is a place where you can come in and hand in your CD, rather than your CV. The fact that a couple of the band members of The Hummingbirds work the bar in Bier has helped this boozer to be a place to shout about local talent.


So if you’re looking to broaden your tastes or want to enjoy your favourite beers at a reasonable price then Bier is the place for you. Good news for Independent Liverpool cardholders is you can enjoy 10% off bottled beers anytime of the week. Make sure you give them a like of Facebook at Bier Bar and give them a follow on Twitter @bier_bar to keep up to date with all their latest news and offers.