Discounts in 100+ Independents

From your new coffees to old books and the odd slice of cake in between, we’ve got over 100 discounts and deals to choose from. From the best cafes and restaurants to beloved bars and shops, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

£12 for the whole year

Become an Independent Liverpool member for a whole year. For just £12 for one or grab two for £17. For one card that works out £1 a month for amazing discounts.

Discover. Love. Support

Every time you shop local you’re putting money back into the local economy. For every £1 spent locally up to 70p stays local in comparison to 5p when spent online or in a chain. With the card you can put money back in whilst saving it.

Who's on the Card

Who's on the card

    Dead Crafty Beer Bar Company

     20% off beer flights Sunday-Thursday

    There is always something happening around a beer. It seems all the best ideas start after a beer. Lifelong Liverpool natives, holidaying in Texas, entered a craft beer bar for...



     10% off

    Constellations is an independently-minded, multi-purpose events space and late night bar. An intersection of music, art, food and drink. Established in 2014, Constellations is and always has been a labour...



     15% off Sunday-Thursday

    Castle Street has undergone some thing of a renaissance as of late.  Late night eateries, craft cocktails and unlimited pizza by the slice – life isn’t bad on Castle Street....


    Writer’s Block

     cup of coffee and slice of cake £4.50 or free cheese board when purchasing a bottle of wine.

    A space to clear the dust. It’s 1957. Lark Lane is a popular hangout place for the likes of the Merchant Navy, The Albert in particular was a place to...


    Down The Hatch

     15% off

    Say hello to your new favourite place. Bold Street is known for food, Seel Street is known for bars and Duke Street is becoming known for both. As well as...


    Baltic Market

     2 frozen cocktails for £10, 5 Estrella for £18, 5 Rekorderlig for £16 and £5 weekly special cocktail

    They say good things are worth waiting for. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a long time coming but today is the day we announce you can officially use your Independent...


    Dafna’s Cheesecake Factory

     10% off cheesecakes

    “I like to think I’m giving the community a little bit of pleasure”  Smithdown Road is home to an assortment of things. There’s estate agents, hairdressers, pubs, burrito shacks and...


    Sugar And Dice

     Free cup of tea or coffee when playing a game

    If you’re not prepared to lose every friend you have ever made over a game board, you’re not playing hard enough. It’s 2017. You can unlock your phone with a...



     20% off food

    The name might be Gracias but it is us that should be thanking them. Whether you’re a red or a blue, you have football to thank for such a restaurant....



     20% off a la carte all day, every day (excluding Saturday)

    Bold Street has become synonymous with burgeoning independent ventures in recent times and its capacity to welcome the most niche cuisine from across the globe is showing no sign of...



     10% off total bill (not to be used in conjunction with any other offer)

    Liverpool’s got big love for small plates and one of the city’s best haunts for tasty tapas is Esteban. Esteban’s has been serving Mediterranean tapas on Lark Lane for the...



     20% off all

    Shiverpool’s infamous after-dark excursions blend folklore, history, theatre and fact with exclusive access to the old secret places beneath the surface of Liverpool’s streets. In August 2005, John Stone was...



     10% off A La Carte

    Miyagi will take you and your taste buds on a tour of the best of the Far-East. No, not St. Helens, much further than that. Bold Street is the world...


    Cheese & Co

     10% off all times

    They say cheese gives you nightmares, but we all know sweet dreams are made of cheese. Is it acceptable to like cheese more than most people? Asking for a friend....


    KO Grill

     10% off Monday to Friday

    Take a walk down Bold Street at any given time and you’ll notice it’s a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. Japanese eateries rub shoulders with Italian cafes. It epitomises what...


    Kazimier Garden

     2-4-1 Mulls Monday to Thursday, and 10% off Friday-Sunday

    One step into the garden and it feels as if you’ve stumbled upon some sort of secret paradise. Seel Street – home to the revellers of the night and the...



     20% off food Monday-Thursday

    The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that we’ll just have one slice of pizza. Pizza consists of just a few ingredients; water, flour, sauce and cheese. Isn’t it quite...



     10% off bottled beers all week

    It’s a place like Bier where the evolution of the beer drinker starts. They enter the pub, walk to the bar and order a Fosters. Everybody in the bar stops...


    Santa Maluco

     20% and 10% off various (see details)

    Pizza and Cocktails in the business end of town? Don’t mind if we do… The Town Hall has just got a new next-door neighbour and it goes by the name...


    The Merchant

     20% off food and half price pizza

    Pizza by the slice. Dirty burgers. Gin by the goblet. The Merchant is everything you want it to be and more. The Merchant is the new kid on the corner...



     10% off purchases at Woolton Road + Bold Street

    As if dieting wasn’t hard enough. Keeping up with Liverpool is proving hard at the moment. Each month there’s a new this and a new that but Liverpool’s latest addition...



     15% Off

    In a world constantly trying to change you, one of the hardest things to do is stay the same. If it’s not broke don’t fix it is a dwindling notion....


    Kernaghan Books

     10% Off

    One of the most beautiful courtyards in all of Liverpool, The Bluecoat, is also home to quite a ravishing little bookshop. This year Kernaghan Books celebrated three decades of books...


    The Bagelry

     10% off purchases over £5

    Two best friends recently swapped their house for a premises, their oven for a kitchen, their table for a counter and their dreams for reality. Ever felt like something was...