One of the bests opportunities in the city?

You get to be a part of the wonderful Leather Satchel Company, you’ll be based in their beautiful Albert Dock store and helping visitors learn more about the brand and the unique products and services they offer. You’ll be taught all about the colourful history of this unique company and even basic leatherwork so you have a clear understanding of the business. They are looking for someone who can personally deliver and also manage a small team of people who are then willing to offer a level of personal service usually only ever offered by high-end bespoke makers in London.
Key Responsibilities
  • Be an ambassador for our brand, it’s values and our ethics.
  • Be responsible for the day-to-day running of the store.
  • Take ownership of the store presentation.
  • Deliver campaigns to attract new and existing customers.
  • Build and manage a team to service the store 7-days a week.
  • Show a willingness to learn new skills and try new things.
  • Work with local businesses upon joint promotions.
  • Make friends easily.
  • Have a local knowledge and local history.
  • Love Liverpool and it’s people and help promote our cities wonderful offerings to visitors.
  • Be kind and witty, sing songs and bring sweets
Full Time
£19,000 – £26,000 per annum (+ lots of perks)
Please send your CV/Resume and covering letter to [email protected]