There’s a new valiant mission through the power of vintage that is giving another chance for clothes and another chance for the homeless of Liverpool.

Homelessness is no longer a problem many are choosing to ignore. People no longer see it as litter on the street; something they can walk past, avoid and hope somebody else will pick up. It is left to us, the people, to pick up the pieces. This is a situation and mantra shared and experienced by Sally Wexsteen, the woman behind “Wex” a way to support homelessness through women’s clothing.

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To say Sally has had a hard upbringing would be an understatement but this isn’t the X-Factor and she doesn’t want her sob story on show. She doesn’t want your pity but she does want your attention and your vote. After being put into care with her sister at a young age, she was brought up by adoptive parents whilst her mother sadly fell in with a bad crowd and through an unfortunate series of events ended up calling the streets her home. Her mum was once a ballet prodigy and had prestigious plans for the future but was forced to quit after the doctors discovered spinal curvature. After her potential stardom got put on hold so abruptly, she was forced to hang up the pumps and start a new life.

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It is said that tough times in life can either make you or break you and this one definitely made Sally. She was able to earn a scholarship to a private school on the Wirral for her and her sister. Sadly, a few years ago, Sally’s mother passed away and she wanted to do something in her memory. As she is now the same age that her mother was when she had her, she felt it quite fitting. A love of fashion and a determination to challenge stigmas towards homelessness made the decision of what to do for her. Wex was born and the idea was simple: buy and re-sell vintage clothes for women and donate proceeds to Whitechapel Centre. Only 6 weeks in and she’s had people all over the UK buy a new timeless piece to add to their wardrobe whilst raising some much needed funds. 

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By no means does Sally believe this will end homelessness but that’s kinda not the point. As important as raising the money is, she is motivated more by the root of the problem. People don’t become homeless by choice and people seem to forget that they’re somebody’s parent, somebody’s daughter or son and somebody’s sibling. They aren’t the forgotten crisp packets left to lie on the floor, they’re human beings. It is up to all of us to share this opinion for the future of humanity. So whether you’re buying a coffee for someone on the street, throwing in some change into a bucket or buying a vintage item off Wex, just know that you are making a difference to somebody’s life. And, sometimes, being the voice for those who can’t speak is one of the most underrated things you can do in this world.

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Get yourself something from the vintage site here. She will be adding daily so keep up to date on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Whilst it is for a great cause, it just so happens that the clothes are all very lovely and unique, just like you, for you.