Vegan eats and reggae beats.

Ital – pronounced EYE TAL – is a way of eating introduced by Rastafari, using natural plant based ingredients & is said to raise your vibration and increase vitality. ItalFresh use this cooking concept and apply a fresh, modern approach; ital-ising street food classics & and adding a modern spin to traditional Caribbean dishes. In other words; eat ital and feel irie. The last few years have been kind and exciting to the vegan community as near enough every week, some sort of exciting announcement comes out of the blue and it seems to be making up for all those years of mushroom risotto. This brings us quite nicely onto Ital Fresh, the street food couple taking over.

The duo behind it started off by hosting a number of successful supper clubs where people from all over Merseyside would come sample their plant-based food with Caribbean roots. They have since gone from there to touring some of the most reputable foodie festivals all over the UK and recently held a residency in the Baltic Market. From Cauli wings to Kingston fries, and some brand new dishes inspired by a trip to Jamaica, the vegans and beyond of Liverpool can expect some pretty unique food.

We caught up with the duo behind it:

“We have brought some Caribbean sunshine to the The Bagelry every Thursday this October and we will be doing more as time goes on. From sweet crispy plantains, to our signature smoky jerk pineapple and creamy coconut rundown – vegan food never tasted so tropical.”

Every Thursday throughout the whole of October they’ve been cooking up a feast in everybody’s favourite bagel based coffee shop, The Bagelry, where you could get 3 courses for £17 and bring your own bottle with a £5 corkage. With delicious seasonal dishes inspired by Caribbean climbs, weekly specials and fresh homemade desserts – it was another brilliant success and they’re already planning to release the news about their next location very soon. To be first in the know check out their Facebook.