Plant power.

From vegan samosas to vegan brownie peanut butter jars and from hot sauce to cupcakes – there will be lots of stalls selling their vegan wares at our first ever vegan market on 18th February. Veganuary may be over but veganism is on the rise and we want to celebrate that with some of the best local businesses. The market will take place in The Baltic Market with lots of amazing street food traders to choose from. Vegan pizza, falafel wraps and lots more will be on offer as well as their usual menus. We’ll also have some special vegan wines on offer at the bar.

The doors open at 11am and the market will go on until 3pm. The food market and bar will stay open until 9pm. Everyone is welcome – including children and dogs. You don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy it. More info here.

Here’s 16 reasons to make sure you come down:

All The Gluten Free Pies

The Slices Of Cake From Cakehole

This Chocolate From Vegan Choc

The Mini Purple Carrot Pop-up

The Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake Jars From The Nakery

These Strawberry Cheesecake Doughnuts From Studio Raw

All The Coffee from Neighbourhood

Animal and Cruelty Free Products From Tropic Skincare by Suzi

These Perfect Samosas

The Vegan Cupcakes From Zebra Kitchen

The Blow Your Head Off Hot Sauce From Howl At The Moon

This Nut Milk Delivered To Your Door Nuts About Milk

The Vegan Merch From Things I Care About

Fresh Juices From The Baltic Juicery

Vegan Butter From Our Paula

Special Vegan Wines

Vegan Specials From The Street Food Traders